At the beginning of this year, there was a dataleak at Credit Suisse, which is Switzerlands second largest bank. An anonymous whistleblower gathered accounting data and sent it to the „Süddeutsche Zeitung“ which evaluated the dataset along with other bourgeois news agencies and the „Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project“ (OCCRP).

Bascically they cofirmed what people have always been saying: The biggest criminals have an easy time laundering their money through Switzerland. Because the origin of the money isn’t verified as it enters the black box of Swiss bank secrecy and can just be used as clean money afterwards it is as simple as it gets and everyone with enough money is in a position to do so.


Officially the bank isn’t allowed to take money from criminal sources or when there’s the suspicion that it comes from corruption, so for example they are supposed to double check heads of states. The bank claims that these are all unrelated single cases, that the incidents are all a bit older and the bank had acted according to the law, which obviously ins’t the case. Among their customers were already convicted criminals like Rodoljub Radulovic condemned for financial fraud and known drug lord. Another example would be Eduard Seidel, former Siemens manager for Nigeria, who is known for corruption in 22 cases. Among the long list of clients are for example the Jordanian royal family or Nervis Villalobos former Venezulian minister of energy, who did his part in selling his country off to the imperialists. We could continue the list of people and elaborate on their crimes, but for this article it is of secondary importance.

The main point is, that Credit Suisse is a money laundering facility for the monopolist bourgeoisie and corrupt parts of states who sell out their countries to imperialism. While petty criminals have to carefully plan their moneylaundering, it is very simple for the biggest criminals: pay in dirty money, pay out clean money.


It is clear, that the Credit Suisse did not act upon any laws in that regard and there is no reason to assume, they would be doing it now. It isn’t clear, why the whistleblower doesn’t have any recent data on criminals, so we can just assume nowadays the bank has found a better way to manage this dirty business with the largest criminals against the people.