Comrades from Tjen Folket Media report, that actions were made marking the 128th year of the birth of Chairman Mao, with the slogan “Long live Maoism!” seen on wall paintings and bannersin Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger and Trondheim, as well as actions on the Communist Party of the Philipines. In addition to the actions, the international declaration “UNITE UNDER MAOISM!” has been translated and shared on the website.





Comrades from Punalippu report that on the 22nd of December, Finnish soldiers were attacked by masses dissatisfied with the oppression of the people that the Finnish military is supported through the United Nations “peace keeping mission” UNIFIL mission, the Finnish imperialist troops working directly with the French Imperialist troops. It was a patrol of three armored vehicles that were attacked, five of the imperialist soldiers were harmed and damage was done to the armored vehicles. Finnish State Television states that the motive of the attack is unknown, but as the comrades write, it is clear that the masses are rebelling against imperialism.


In addition a translation of the statement “DEFEND THE GREAT LEADERSHIP OF CHAIRMAN GONZALO AND HIS ALL-POWERFULL GONZALO THOUGHT!” from the editorial staff of CI-IC.ORG, has been translated and shared on the website.

On the website Uusi Brasilia (New Brasil) the statement from the LCP, “Comrade Pelé, PRESENT IN THE STRUGGLE!” has been translated and shared.