In the face of the current inflation of over 20 percent, which is bringing the Turkish people into deeper misery day by day, thousands demonstrated against the economic circumstances in Turkey in Istanbul and Ankara at the weekend. With signs reading "Enough!", they demanded, among other things, a higher minimum wage.

Slogans were shouted from the demonstration such as "There is no rescue alone, either all together or none of us!", "Victory will be for the resisting worker!" or "We will not surrender to misery!". The police then tried to stop the masses from shouting the slogans, but without success - the slogans continued and police barricades that prevented the demonstration from proceeding were broken through.

In Ankara, students organised a protest against the miserable supply of housing for students under the slogan "We can't find shelter!". The action was attacked by police because the students defied a ban on demonstrations issued by the governor, and at least 90 of them were arrested.

Besides, inflation in Turkey has already taken on such features that more and more people are looking at imported electronic products as a new store of value, because in many cases a bank account is no longer worth it.