Displaced residents of Illorsuit are contesting the de-facto closure in June 2017, of the Illorsuit and Nuugaatsiaq villages, after a tsunami caused by a landslide in the Karrat Fjord. While Nuugaatsiaq was affected by deaths and damages to the village, Illorsuit suffered no material damages or casualties. After the evacuation, it has not been practical to move back to the village, since basic utilities are missing and the state attorney office has stated that families moving there, may face confiscation of their children, due to poor living conditions. But it is the state who has displaced people, with no plan for resettlement, leaving the buildings and infrastructure to rot. There is space to build further up the hill, and a early warning system for tsunamis could be established, but the state has no interest in supporting such measures, and would rather save money by concentrating the masses, which also lays ground for deepening of bureaucratic capitalism.


Actions for the boycott of the reactionary bourgeois municipal elections have been carried out in proletarian neighborhoods of Copenhagen.