After the parlamentary elections, the newly formed coalition, lead by Jonas Gahr Støre of the "Worker's Party", has replaced the former government. The comrades at Tjen Folket Media have written a commentary on the new election, an excerpt has been translated below:

"The new government has announced through its government platform and controlled leaks, a couple of small surprising "news". The government wants, under the cover of "a countryside profile" and "now it's the time for ordinary people" and "green transition", is increasing the role of the state in the economy and society. It must be underlined that the role of the state in the economy also increased under Høyre, and that this is the response to the crisis of imperialism, from the bourgeois politicians and the state. The general crisis in this rotting system, demands "keynesianism", militarisation, more corporativism and everything that point in the direction of more statemonopolistic capital. This does not express the strength of imperialism, but its weakening, as a consequence of fundemental and unsolvable problem. In this perspective, all talk of "justice", "community", "the countryside" and "green transition", is just different forms of legitimisation of restructurings, that should save imperialism from itself."


A manifestation was held in Copenhagen where proletarian revolutionaries held up a banner, dirstributing leaflets, condemning the latest mobilisations of the old Brazilian state for a new massacre against the poor peasants of Rondônia.



Denmark and the USA, is planning to increase their military cooperation, according to defence minister of Denmark Trine Bramsen, and a bilateral meeting was held with the defence minister of the USA, Lloyd Austin on the 21. of October.

On the motivation for the meeting Bramsen stated:

"I have a standing invitation to visit my american defence minster collegue in the USA, and this I will also make use of. It should be seen as, that we are moving closer together in the bus, and our conversation continue from that"

The conversation also was focussed on "aggressive behaviour from Russia and China", Bramsen states: "Well it also concerns the nearby areas of Denmark and America. Therefore it is a wish both from the Danish and American side, to strengthen our military and defence-politcal cooperation".

Bramsen does not want to specify the details of what this increased cooperation will mean, but Denmark is once again showing its loyal support for yankee-imperialism and wishes to collude with it more deeply to serve its own interests, as a small imperialist power.