In Trollhättan wall slogans were spotted with “Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo” and “Chairman Gonzalo is invicible”, among others.

The Stockholm chief of police has stated what wishes he has for the future of the police. Firstly he wants more “visible police” in the what the Swedish state classifies as “vulnerable areas” (area of “low socio-economic status”), such as in the Järva area of Stockholm. Also he said that in order to combat criminal gangs, audio surveillance should be legal and the use of anonymous witnesses admissible in courts.

A conference on the topic of combating anti-semitism was held in Malmö last week. The main focus was not what the name of the conference would suggest, it was mainly a way to appease Israel, after Sweden officially recognised Palestine as a state seven years ago (but still also recognising Israel), after which there has been no diplomatic relations between the countries.

The choice of holding the conference in the city of Malmö, is also very clear, many migrants from Palestine live here and the city has a history of struggles in support of Palestine. One example of such struggle is the 2009 demonstration against a tennis match with Israel, where the police barricaded a large area around the venue and for they had to ask Danish police to borrow additional riot vehicles, in the demonstration many thousands took part, that lead to large-scale struggles with the police.

Israel has sent one of its ministers, and he was joined via video-link by President of France Emmanuel Macron, Minister of the exterior Anthony Blinken from the USA, representative from the UN and others. Macron made the main focus on how governments should have more control over social media, so they more actively censor content, because "We want to stop hate speech online and ensure we have a safe digital environment for our citizens", what a lie that is, just look at his role in the increase of religiously based violence in France. Representatives from Google, Facebook and Tiktok, were therefore also present to pledge to combat antisemitism on their platforms, we can assume that it means a pledge to censoring support for the Palestinian national liberation struggle.

And what about Sweden started to examine its own past of colluding with and providing material support for fascist Germany during the second world war and its continued complacency in its own problems with fascists, instead of blaming religious and chauvinist violence on the masses.

This conference shows how afraid imperialism is to attack their enemies head-on and how it always has to make up false excuses for what they do. They conceal their opinions, because they know the masses despise them.


In Denmark the striking nurses are winning a moral and economic victory over the bourgeoisie, by continuing their strikes by organising around the labour aristocracy in the corporate trade unions. The strikes are being declared illegal, but the state is not able to fire the nurses because they need them. The bourgeoisie in Denmark has brought these conditions upon themselves by systematically cutting down on the public health service for years on end.

It has become clear for the striking nurses that they have to rely on their own forces in order to achieve victories.



Tjen Folket Media reports that for the past year the repression has increased in Norway. There has been an increase in both arrests beatings, imprisonments and killings done by the Norwegian police force. The police constantly violates it’s own rules as it seems fit, which is evident in the murder of a man named Eugene Ibora who was killed by the brutality of the police during an arrest.

The Norwegian police has become more aggressive towards demonstrations as is evident, when it comes to the aid of fascists from SIAN, when it attacks counter demonstrations.