We publish an unofficial translation of an article by Resistência Camponesa.


Urgent: New eviction order is issued against Camp Tiago dos Santos 

Not two months have passed since the massacre that took the lives of four peasants camped in Nova Mutum Paraná, Rondônia, a new attack is announced in the same city, also carried out by the old State in collusion with the latifundium. The target is the Camp Tiago dos Santos, where more than 600 peasants organised by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) live. The new eviction order was issued on 28 September by "justice" in favour of the landowner and Grileiro[1], Galo Velho.

The eviction order, which has already authorized the "use of police reinforcement" to carry out the eviction, comes after recent and successive attacks by police forces and gunmen aimed at the Tiago dos Santos Camp and the Ademar Ferreira Camp, where the peasants murdered in August lived.

The Tiago dos Santos Camp  

The area occupied is part of a large latifundium of more than 57 thousand hectares, whose supposed owner is the company Leme Empreendimentos Ltda, owned by Antônio Martins (Galo Velho)[2], mentioned in the White Book of Land Grabbing as a grabber of more than 80 thousand hectares of land in the region of Porto Velho, capital of Rondonia.

Since the area was occupied in March 2020, peasant families have been living and producing. On that land that was previously idle, without any use, the people’s organisation made the people’s court and delivered land to the many unemployed people who joined the poor landless peasants in the last years of pandemic, crisis and hunger. They sought and obtained a piece of land to live on it with dignity. These masses, after having already resisted eviction attempts (like the one that occurred on 10th of October 2020, where the workers prevented a massacre by the Military Police and, faced with the eviction attempt, days later the peasants reoccupied the land), are again threatened.


[1] Person who takes alien soil with the help of forged papers

[2] This nickname translates to „Old Rooster“