In Dersim, Partizan revolutionaries successfully held the annual Munzur Culture and Nature Festival. While newspapers and leaflets were distributed to the masses, village meetings were held, revolutionary music was performed, agitation and propaganda were made on the two central issues of the festival and the graves of the fallen martyrs of the revolution were visited.

An important subject in the field of nature this year was again the destruction of natural and agricultural land for peasants in the service of projects of big landlords and bureaucratic capitalists, such as a large-scale "irrigation pond" in Hozat, which threatens the usability of the land of small farmers in the area together with the new mining project. While this pond was planned for agricultural irrigation for the large landowners, any means of fighting forest fires is urgently needed in the same area. The revolutionaries wereblocked by the Turkish state when they arrived in villages to support the residents and since then - during the festival - they have been deliberately prevented from moving from one area to another by traffic controls.




Partizan Europa held a memorial event in Austria on 1 August for the 9 martyrs around comrade Ali Demir, who had fallen on the same day in 1986. Ali Demir had been an outstanding comrade who lived in Austria for six years until shortly before 1st of August 1986, when he fought as part of the Memeçil guerrilla unit in Dersim and made an important contribution to the foreign work of the Turkish communists.

Gedenkfeier Ali Demir 2021 II Gedenkfeier Ali Demir 2021 I