In the midst of the complicated situation ahead of 1st of May, where "public life" is now to be completely shut down for 3 weeks, revolutionaries in Turkey are carrying out important actions and mobilization.

In the surroundings of planed demonstrations militants of the TKP/ML hung three more banners for the 49th anniversary of the party; at the cemetery of Istanbul- Sarıgazi the combatants Nubar, Özgür and Muharrem, who died in autumn and were buried there, were commemorated armed, and with armed protection of the area around the cemetery. But even the simple mobilisation through banners is currently not a matter of course: hanging banners itself isforbidden at the moment and can be heavily punished.

1. Mai 2021 Mobilisierung Transpi Gedenken Nubar Özgür Muharrem April 2021


That this is generally not an overstatement was proven by the police when they arrested eight Partizan sympathizers at a banner-hanging event in Sarıgazi on April 22, where investigations were actually launched for a "crime". However, this could not prevent the continuation of mobilisation with posters in different parts of the city and the whole country.

1. Mai 2021 Partizan Plakatierung


Finally, we would like to draw attention to the powerful statement for this year's 1st of May from the International Committee of the TKP/ML, which (so far) has been published in Turkish and English.