What sounds like silly superlatives has a serious background: the German state, and especially its repression or security agencies, are arming up. A TAGESSCHAU article reports how Berlin investigators failed to decrypt a smartphone access. Since the LKA couldn't find a way either, they turned to the comparatively newly created Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Sector (ZITiS) in Munich. This "hacker authority" was created in 2017 to provide high-level technical support to security apparatuses. This is also the case here.

But what exactly is this hacker authority working on and what is its task at all? In response to a question from Konstantin (Green Party), a member of the Bundestag, it has now become clear that this remains a secret. Because "[w]hat exactly ZITiS is working on, the parliament does not know." In addition, "ZITiS has "no investigative powers whatsoever" and is also "not operationally active" - the technical experts are therefore not allowed to investigate and evaluate evidence themselves."

Although the police may only be assisted by the "new supercomputer" under special circumstances, it turned out that ZITiS worked exclusively for the police.

This function fits seamlessly into the current development of security and surveillance apparatus. As already reported on DVD, the bourgeois state is increasingly abolishing federalism and centralizing violence, while at the same time abandoning the division between civilian, police and military intelligence services. Recently, therefore, the Verfassungsschutz (VS, domestic intelligence service), the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND, foreign intelligence service) and the Militärischer Abschirmdienst (MAD, military intelligence service) have also been exchanging civilian (!) data with each other. A novelty.

In this respect, it is only consistent on the part of the imperialists to expand another secret facility including a supercomputer, which officially helps no one, but unofficially helps everyone, and quite specifically provides technical hacking for the police.