After a new wave of measurements by the bourgeoisie to supposedly contain the coronavirus are being enforced, there are also new regulations in France. Night-time curfews are now being introduced throughout the country, lasting from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am.

In return, people will be allowed out during the day. There would be exceptions for Christmas, but on New Year's Eve this curfew will also apply.  In addition, bars and restaurants would be closed until at least the 20th of January 2021. In addition, cultural institutions such as theatres, cinemas and museums would be closed until the 7th of January 2021 at the earliest. Many people who work in cultural institutions took to the streets against this on Tuesday the 15th of December. Many of them do not know what will happen next to them, some have not worked for months, also because institutions did not dare to employ them again because nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. This means that even if people are now allowed to go out during the day, how should they keep themselves busy? All what they can do is going to work, buying groceries and going home. At the moment, especially, apart from the usual Corona news, news about renewed militant protests against the new law for "Global Security" or news about police violence dominate. That's where an evening and night curfew comes in handy.
Incidentally, to control the Corona measures, dog robots equipped with cameras have been used in e.g. Singapore to remind people to keep their distance. Allegedly, these cameras are not able to recognise individuals and collect personal data. But as we know, these problems can be quickly eliminated. This dog robot called SPOT has now been tested on the streets of Nantes.