After two attacks in France in recent weeks, which were declared as "Islamist terrorism" by the bourgeois French state, France is now beginning to expand its measures against this "terrorism".

A further 4,000 soldiers are being deployed inland to guard schools and places of worship. This will increase the contingent of the bourgeois army to 7,000 soldiers, which has not been achieved since 2017, a year in which there have been various attacks.


And this at a time when resistance to the state of emergency is also becoming increasingly intense and demonstrations against it are repeatedly attacked by the police.

But French imperialism is not only intensifying its repression internally. In response to the attacks, the French military carried out an operation in Mali last Friday, the 31st of October, in which, according to the French Defence Minister, they killed more than 50 alleged jihadists. Numerous weapons and other equipment were also confiscated. Commenting on the operation, the Defence Minister said that it "shows once again that terrorist groups cannot act with impunity.". The operation was allegedly carried out by drone surveillance, which found suspects in a convoy that had been attacked from the air and later on the ground by the French military. This attack is part of a long-standing military operation by the French military in the region, which has also claimed many civilian victims.