While the state of emergency in France especially in the big cities Paris and Marseille is intensified again an e.g. many bars have to close again, the revolutionaries of the Jeunes Révolutionnaires cannot be stopped of continuing their work. So they did several actions, of which some will be reflected here:

Already at the end of September a young student took her life in Montpellier because her house should be evicted. Short time before CROUS, the owner of halls of residence in France, threaten her with eviction. That is not the first time a young person trying to kill himself out of desperation. Already last year a student attempted suicide after CROUS threaten with eviction. Their were many people at the demonstration and protested against the unstable living conditions of students.



Further there was a desk with information in Lyon where there were discussions with masses about the current situation and the state of emergency. Also flyers were handed out that denounced the schemes of the imperialists and the billions supports for enterprises while e.g. hospitals get no support. Further magazines were sold directly in front of the door to the masses by the comrades what is a great opportunity to get in contact with the masses during state of emergency.

Additionally there were actions to point to the exploitation of African countries by the French imperialism.

Also the comrades took part in a demonstration in Marseille of Armenian masses who protested against the aggression of Azerbaijan and Turkey in BERG-KARABACH.


Lastly there was a collectively organised meal with masses in Saint-Etienne for talking about current political issues as the yellow vests and the presence of police in the neighborhoods. The comrades write about this: “The discussions were numerous and every time was the conclusion the same: We need a revolution to destroy this capitalist system and to build a socialist society in which the working people will be in power!”