We hereby report on some further developments in the class struggle and political situation in the Nordic Countries.



In Hamar, the fascists from SIAN („Stop the Islamization of Norway“) held a manifestation, which was countered by around 150 masses. The fascists were drowned out by music, shouts and different kinds of noise. This happened despite the fact that the „Red Party“ (former Teng-ite revisionists) attempted to split the masses and the anti-fascist movement, by holding their own arrangement against SIAN in a different part of the city, instead of participating in the counter-demonstration.
In a particularly obvious example of the reactionarization of the Norwegian imperialist State, a rapper known as „Kamelen“ („The Camel“) is in court this week. The police claimed that because he shouted „Fuck the police!“ at a concert in Kristiansand in 2018 (a city where the police lets Neo-Nazis march openly), he prevented their work. He was charged after his DJ was physically attacked by the police.
Norway has now officially entered a recession. In an article on Serve The People Media (tjen-folket.no), it is emphasized: „the „corona crisis“ is just as misleading as „the financial crisis“ and „the dot-com crisis“ were misleading in 2009 and 2000. This is a cyclical capitalist crisis, a crisis which the system enters around every 10th year. It has been like this for 200 years! The crisis is part of the cycle of capitalism, and this lasts for 8-12 years. Since World War II, the tendency has been that the crises become deeper and deeper. The crisis of today is the most serious one since the crisis and depression in the 1930s“. The comrades emphasize that the Norwegian recession will sharpen contradictions and lead  to more class struggle.

The comrades from the Communist League of Sweden have published their new trade-union action programme, which can be found in Swedish here. Although it is emphasized in further sub-points, the main headlines are: 1) Turn the trade unions into organizations of struggle — Unity on the basis of class struggle. 2) Struggle against the anti-trade union lawmaking. 3) Struggle for wages. 4) International solidarity.

The comrades from Red Flag (punalippu.noblogs.org) have published a Finnish translation of the recent statement by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) from the turn of July-August, which is a call to observe martyr’s week. The original document can be found here and the Finnish translation here.

Due to a recent sex harassment scandal in the bourgeois State media, which the Prime Minister chose to voice her support for, more and more people are railing against the hypocrisy of the Danish government. This is because (as many Danish people know), the current Foreign Minister, Jeppe Kofod, is a pedophile. In 2008, when he was 32 years old and a speaker at an event of the Social-Democratic Youth League, he raped a 15 year old girl who was there due to a school-administered internship. In Denmark, this is legal. The entire government and all of the bourgeois political parties are defending this degenerate now, as they did in 2008. This shows very clearly that degenerate class interests and politics lead to degenerate personality, and that Danish imperialism presents itself through scum like this only more clearly shows it as an enemy of the peoples of the world.