Bobbie is not ashamed anymore to show us his true nature. The revisionist Bob Avakian groupies, who call themselves revolutionary communists have always been nothing more than the intellectual appendix of the Democratic Party, nontheless this new statement is an important revelation.

In a row with the greatest revisionists of all times he tries to create the fear of a nuclear war.

Fear the atomic bomb! What can we do against it?! Nothing! Well, Revolution right? Yeah, kind of. Of course Bob Avakian calls himself a revolutionary, and he claims to demand nothing less. But in this particular situation – he is neither dogmatic nor mechanic – he suggests something else.

VOTE! For Joe Biden, because the weird guy, who likes sniffing the hair of under age girls, who brutally campaigned for the last war against Iraq, who is so dirty that even Trump thought he could throw more dirt at him than the other way around – he is the “lesser evil”. And somehow it is a good tactic to achieve the revolution to tell the people, that communists prefer to be ruled by such a guy.

And what else should you do than vote for a regime change, when your already denied revolutionary violence:

"At this critical hour, every appropriate means of non-violent action must be utilized to remove this regime from power."

However, if you want to read a proper critique against voting read this.