Following we document an International Call for Solidarity with Cormade Ajith and the peoples war in India. The call is also available in Portuguese, German and French language. The call was first published on There you can also find the poster in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Persian, Bulgarian, German and Turkish language.


Proletarians of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!


Freedom for Ajith! Support People‘s War in India!


„The people’s war has now been raised to the position of a countrywide recognized revolutionary pole, a pole that stands in total opposition to the counter-revolutionary pole of the ruling classes and imperialism. The ruling classes, who were dismissing it till recently as insignificant, are now forced to acknowledge it as the biggest internal threat they face.“

- Communist Party of India (M-L) Naxalbari: „Message to the International Conference to Support People‘s War in India, Hamburg“


„Comrade Murali’s [Ajith‘s] arrest in particular is one of the biggest losses suffered by our Party and the Central Committee.“

- Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (maoist): Declaration of 16-05-2015


India is not, as the imperialists like to proclaim it, the "world's largest democracy", but a peoples dungeon[prison] of enormous proportions. US imperialism, as well as some European imperialists, rule over India through bureaucratic capitalism and also conserve feudalism to a great extent. The fact that the imperialists are talking about „democracy“ in the face of the genocide perpetrated daily in India, the ruin of innumerable peasants, the caste system, the murder of women, the genocide of the Adivasi and many more examples, shows clearly what imperialists mean when they talk about „democracy“. The plundering and oppression of the masses of India is fueled by numerous resistance, a multitude of struggles: militant peasant movements, people's struggles against nuclear power stations and repression, national liberation struggles and large workers strikes show this to the progressive and anti imperialist forces of the whole world. However, as "the greatest threat to India's internal security" the Indian government described the People's War, led by the Communist Party of India (maoist). The CPI(maoist) leads with People's War the New Democratic Revolution, which smashes the old state apparatus and brings the liberation from imperialism and bondage.

Through the "Operation Green Hunt" and the counterinsurgency method "Hearts and Minds", both of which mean genocide, the ruling classes try to isolate the CPI(maoist) and to suffocate the People's War in the blood of the masses. No matter how furiously they strike out, they do not succeed! The CPI(maoist) and the masses became more and more connected, and the people's war beats deep roots in the masses, who stand firmly by the side of the New Democratic Revolution. The deep attachment of the Party to the masses and the steadfastness with which it leads the revolution, the people's war, set great example and hope for revolutionary forces throughout the world. In the context of the crisis beginning from 2008, the imperialists increasingly promoted the Hindu-fascist policy they supported in order to step up their fight against the mass movements and, above all, the people's war. These plans suffered a defeat, because on May 1, 2014, the CPI (M-L) Naxalbari, whose spokesman Comrade Ajith was, joined the CPI(maoist), which emerged itself in 2004 at the 9th Party Congress / Unity Congress from the merge of two parties.

This merger was a great leap in the striving of the workers, peasants, and oppressed masses for a single leading center of the New Democratic Revolution. At this historic step, Comrade Ajith played a prominent role and became a member of the Central Committee of the CPI(maoist). For almost forty-five years, Comrade Ajith, who joined the revolutionary movement in 1976, has been playing an important role in it internationally and in India. He fought tirelessly against a lot of anti-Marxist deviations, he led the publication of numerous documents and periodical publications. Through his translation work, he also opened the possibility for revolutionary and anti imperialist forces of the world to gain a better understanding of the New Democratic Revolution in India. In May 2015, the rulers were able to imprison Comrade Ajith, but this imprisonment sparked an international wave of solidarity with Comrade Ajith and the People's War in India. His imprisonment is part of the counter-revolutionary warfare against the popular masses in India, a furious blow of Hindu-fascism against the New Democratic Revolution. Those who at that time of the situation of the imprisonment began calling the party‘s unification „failed“, spreading counter-revolutionary pessimism and unprincipled criticism, turned out to be allies of the reaction. Comrade Ajith showed by his example that these forces have no ground under their feet. Even under the harsh conditions of detention, Comrade Ajith was not broken and even found methods and ways to complete a previously started translation work. Comrade Ajith's health, who had a heart surgery a few years earlier, has severely got worse under fascist imprisonment conditions, with no provision for adequate care, torture and the toughest detention conditions have still remained intact. Comrade Ajith is due to be released on bail in the foreseeable future. But this method has been used by the ruling classes of India several times against imprisoned revolutionaries: they are released as a short-term concession to the solidarity movements on high bail from prison, only to detain them shortly after again. This approach shows that the solidarity work with the political prisoners, which is done in India and also internationally, could already develop a certain strength. The ruling classes try to confront this strength with their vicious tactics. Their action is part of the attempts to break the prisoners, part of the psychological warfare that pursues the goal of the final annihilation and murder of the revolutionaries.

These sinister plans are to be condemned with determination and all the democratic, revolutionary and anti imperialist forces of the world are resolutely opposing to them! We call to raise the loud and clear demand on the 18th of March, the International Day of Political Prisoners, for the immediate and unconditional release of Comrade Ajith! We defend Comrade Ajith, who put his whole life in the service of the CPI(maoist) and People's War, the New Democratic Revolution. The struggle against imperialism is justified and requires international solidarity and solid support. Signatory organizations and initiatives will take up this common cause through actions in the week around March 18, setting a powerful impulse for the spread and expansion of solidarity with the People's War in India!

Freedom for Ajith!
Freedom for all political prisoners in India!
Support the People's War in India!
Long live international solidarity! Lal Salam!

Committee to Support People‘s War in India, Austria

Galician Committee to Support People's War in India

International Committee to Support People’s War in India

Partizan Europe

Maoist Communist Party (France)

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