Joint statement from different organizations in Oaxaca

We publish an English translation of the statement made by different organizations in Oaxaca:


“History of human kind and all the changes it had passed through has been a result of the people´s organization and struggle. This is a universal truth regarding the development of all societies.

The right to rebel exists and it is inherent to all social process that aims to build deep changes against authoritarian and obsolete regimes, which vainly intend to drown the emancipation process of the people in blood and fire. In this sense, different governments throughout the whole world pursuit and criminalize the social struggle of the workers, the peoples, the women, the youth and the defenders of rights.

This practice is present from north to south in the American continent, leaving an abominable trail of state terrorism led by USA imperialism.
In Mexico, hundreds of persons that defend the peoples are being pursued and criminalized for their work; many of them are in prison, others are missing and some others are refugee to protect their integrity.

In Brazil, 23 young people´s fighters that were in demonstrations during the struggles against the FIFA World Cup of 2014, who were in preventive prison only to be released in limited and conditional freedom, were recently sentenced, in a condemning manner, to sentences that ranges from five to thirteen years of effective prison, in the context where the country is being militarized and a war against the people is being developed to sustain a regime that is increasingly decadent and rejected by the population.

The Coordination for the Freedom of the Defenders of the Criminalized People in Oaxaca, Mexico, supports the 23 young activists of the Brazilian people, especially the young writer Igor Mendes, and we demand the revocation of the sentence.

We make this pronunciation in the occasion of the International Campaign of support to the 23 who were sentenced in Brazil and with the Brazilian people that struggles against the militarization and for freedom.

We support the 23!
Struggle is not a crime!”


Actions of Youth Brigades of the People

Also the Youth Brigades of the People made an action together with a statement expressing full support to the revolutionary youth of Brazil, especially the People´s Revolutionary Students Movement (MEPR) and comrade Igor Mendes. Also the statement denounces the Brazilian old state that wages an open war against the people while the flags of revolution are raising throughout the country.