Proletarians of all countries, unite!


We have received the message of the assassination of our comrade Jesús Manuel García Martínez "Chu Pau" in Mexico. We want to take this opportunity to condemn the genocidal politics of the Old Mexican State, its Armed and Police Forces, the para-military organizations and the drug barons who are nothing more than their reactionary complement, with the cynical and demagogic Andrés Manuel López Obrador at its head who, hence, is the main political responsible for the savage and barbaric war against the people of Mexico. The MORENA regime is truly a lackey of Yankee-imperialism.

The war against the people is part of the counter-insurgency strategy of the old state and comes on the agenda as a new reactionary offensive, trying in vain to drown the rebellion in blood and fire before it is born. This war with the armed forces on the streets is nothing but a new edition of the dirty war and its struggle against the guerrilla, such as selective repression, forced detention and disappearances, and the practices of "cutting off the water from the fish" (using welfare and corporatist programmes to deprive the democratic-revolutionary movement of its social base) or "letting a more aggressive fish into the water" (using shock groups, drug gangs or paramilitaries to attack the areas controlled by the democratic-revolutionary movement).

The war against the Mexican people has so far left more than 100,000 disappeared (from 1964 to the present), at least 400,000 forcibly displaced, about 500,000 murdered and currently dozens of political prisoners resisting the regime. Other phenomena such as feminicide and human trafficking reflect new aspects of this reactionary war: Women, especially working class women, are kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered with impunity (about twelve women per day), and hundreds of people living in absolute poverty, especially immigrants, are kidnapped, enslaved or sold by organised crime and used for growing, transporting or experimenting drugs, as hit men, as commodities in forced prostitution or for training torturers, etc. The reactionary war in Mexico is against the working class and the people' masses, it never goes against the big rich and is therefore a state policy against the exploited and oppressed.

The Mexican reactionaries are particularly targeting our comrades of the Current of the People, Red Sun (Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo). They are arbitrarily arrested, tortured and cruelly treated in high security prisons. From the forced disappearance of comrade Sernas, the assassination of Comandante Gato, the fierce repression against the militants defending the communal lands of the Binniza (Zapotec) people and opposing the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (CIIT) - up to the heinous and cowardly assassination of comrade Jesús Manuel García Martínez "Chu Pau" on the 27th of October this year. And the shameful campaign of strokes and annihilation against the comrades continues, because the comrades – with courage and revolutionary determination - do not allow themselves to be terrorised or bent, but they are getting stronger and stronger in their struggle against the old Mexican state and all the lackeys of imperialism.

It must be denounced that the "war on drugs" is nothing but another name for the war on the people, both because of the power acquired by the paramilitary drug gangs, which have become warlords with their own territories, goods, resources and army (balkanisation). It is a planned policy of US imperialism.

Obviously, the Current of the People, Red Sun (Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo) is not the only left organisation being harassed by the old state. The EZLN, the CNI-CIG and other democratic developments are also facing similar situations. In all areas where the democratic revolutionary movement is present, there are uprisings, disappearances, political arrests, assassinations and military encirclement. In this sense, we also express our internationalist solidarity with these movements and take this opportunity to condemn in particular the assassination of comrade Filogonio Martínez Merino on the 26th of October.

The USA is the imperialism that mainly oppresses the Mexican people, but it is our duty to condemn above all German imperialism, which is also sucking the blood of the people' masses of the country. The big monopolies of German finance capital are all present in Mexico in one form or another, making immense profits. They are even directly involved in the infamous "mega-projects" – as in the case of the cynically named "Maya Train" - which is a direct attack on the lives of thousands and thousands of Mexican peasants. We commit ourselves to fight this imperialist monster even more resolutely.  


It is up to us to develop the struggle against imperialism and patriarchy, and as part of this we call on all revolutionary women to be in the forefront of class solidarity work with our comrades in Mexico.    

Honour and glory to comrade Jesús Manuel García Martínez!

Down with German imperialism!

Long live the Current of the People, Red Sun!

Red Women's Committees – FRG

November 2022