Despite the alleged ceasefire the New People´s Army carried out new actions against the reactionary army of the old state, killing four soldiers in the ongoing People´s War on the Philippines

On April 19, the 303rd Infantry Brigade were ambushed during an intelligence mission in Barangay Carabalan on the island of Negros Occidental. Members of the New People´s Army triggered an improvised explosive device and then opened the fire on the security forces. In the half an hour lasting encounter two soldiers of the old state were killed and four further were wounded another soldier died due his evacuation. The NPA had no losses.

The same day a unit of the 9th Infantry Division were attacked by the NPAin Barangay Salvacion, San Fernando, Masbate on the island of Ticao. In the one hour lasting battle one reactionary soldier were shot. The combatants of the NPA again manged to retreat without any losses. However, the authorities claim to have seized weapons and other equipment, but could not provide pictures.

Meanwhile, there are repeated reports of allegedly surrendering NPA members or fighters killed in action. It can be assumed that these are mostly lies and fake encounters.