We share this english translation of a declaration of the Front in Defense of the Struggles of the People - Ecuador:

On September 12, another anniversary of the capture of Chairman Gonzalo complied.

We cannot negate that it was a blow to the New Democratic Revolution in Peru, but it was also a blow to the international proletariat, however, although it is true the People's War in Peru had to live a necessary restructuring and change of pace in its development, in no way this became an absolute defeat of the People's War.

Like any scenario that is experiencing an alteration of its forces, its movement, the capture of Chairman Gonzalo generated situations in which revisionism and opportunism took advantage of the situation and try to dynamite the direction of the Party, the course of the People's War and try, in vain, to minimize or deny the contributions made by Chairman Gonzalo to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

The cowards, the opportunists and the revisionists did not find a better argument to unleash their dreams of dogs by pointing out that the People's War was defeated, and not fed up with those squeals, they did not tire of pointing out that the People's War fulfilled its initial objective, eliminating semi-feudality and that therefore the characterization of Peru was another, a dependent capitalist country; obviously, there was no room for a new type of democratic revolution (New Democracy) and it was necessary to rebuild the Party to undertake with the socialist revolution not before recognizing the "goodness" of the old democracy and paving the way for that revolution from the parliamentarian path , that is electoral, these miserable ones refounded the bureaucratic path from the difficulties in which the People's War entered.

It is clear that characterizing Peru as a dependent capitalist is a new gag not to commit to the revolution, not to consider the People's War and to retrace the path. Rascals!

Despite the fact that revisionism, as in its own time did it with Lenin, and very particularly with Stalin, today they want to show Chairman Gonzalo devoid of all virtue, and they can't, they can't, because objective reality shows us that precisely from his capture, in the world, and mainly in Latin America, many organizations, movements, parties in reconstitution or construction processes that not only have embraced the flags of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, but also of Gonzalo thought, realizing the recognition of the contributions he made to the theory and practice of MLM. And, curiously, it has been those organizations, parties and others that have denied the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo who have raised red flags and become revisionists, opportunists who have quickly launched themselves to travel the black bureaucratic path and in some cases of dispersion and revolutionary inaction.

Having completed 27 years of the capture of Chairman Gonzalo, the communists, poor peasants and other oppressed and exploited masses of Ecuador, we pay the most fervent and red tribute to the greatest communist of recent times, Chairman Gonzalo.

We salute his firm and strong resistance to the abject prison he has been subjected to, plagued by the most execrable and unimaginable tortures which have been imprinted for all these years; to absolute isolation for long periods, without having been able to diminish or weaken his condition of red sun of the world proletarian revolution.