We add some short reports to the 2019's international May Day Report of  .

First is Colombia, where comrades made Actions in Medellín and Bogotá. In Medellín they marched in a combative bloc, which had slogans for the liberation of women, against imperialism and opportunism as well as against the upcoming electoral farce. They also burned a puppet of Uncle Sam, symbol of Yankee-imperialism:

1m 2019 medellin 4
1m 2019 medellin 2
1m 2019 medellin 1

In Bogotá, another bloc of revolutionaries took part on the May Day demonstration, which burned a Yankee flag in the course of the demonstration and wrote slogans on surrounding buildings, amongst others against the bourgeois elections.
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1m 2019 bogotc3a1 6
1m 2019 bogotc3a1 8
1m 2019 bogotc3a1 9
1m 2019 bogotc3a1 16

In Peru, the revolutionary union SUTEP participated on a demonstration towards a monument of José Carlos Mariátegui in Lima. The whole demonstration they made slogans against the opportunist union of MOVADEF, the FENATEP as well as the CEN of Patria Roja, which both split from the union and marched separately.

In Canada, in Montreal, the PCR made their own demonstration and struggled against the police, building barricades on their way. They also carried posters with chairman Gonzalo and the slogan: Freedom for Chairman Gonzalo!