Comrades of the Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Colombia have send greetings to the celebrations organized by the comrades of Partizan in Basel (Switzerland) and St. Pölten (Austria) that we will hence document:

Proletarian of all countries, unite!

The Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Colombia sends a greeting to the TKP/ML - CC and the Marxist-Leninist Workers and Peasants Liberation Army of Turkey (TIKKO), who continue the revolutionary legacy left by Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, struggling to develop the People’s War.

We greet the comrades, revolutionaries, combatants and Turkish masses who struggle against imperialism and the Turkish reactionary classes.

We greet the European revolutionaries who raise high the flags with the face of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya in the mobilizations and opposes to play the game of the electoral path.    

We greet the participants of the event in commemoration of the 45 anniversary of the heroic death of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya in the hands of the reactionary Turkish state.

The death of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya has the weight of a mountain because he gave his life for the interests of the people. Kaypakkaya is an important leader of the Turkish proletariat and of all the peoples of the word. This young communist and combatant, example of firmness until the end, keeps in the hearts of the people and the proletariat of the world. It should be celebrated with joy and as the confirmations of the correctness of the path he gone through.

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya struggled in life for the reconstitution of a true Communist Party of Turkey, that rests over a proletarian ideological base, taking firm stand towards Mao Tsetung thought against Khrushchev revisionism.

Taking Mao Tsetung thought, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya combated the Turkish opportunists and brought to practice the need to initiate the protracted People’s War that followed the path of encircle the cities from the countryside.

“There are two reasons why revolutions in semi-feudal, semi-colonial countries like ours develop from the rural areas towards the towns. Firstly, the fact that the democratic revolution is, in essence, a land revolution, and secondly, the fact that imperialism and the reactionaries who are their lackeys (particularly imperialism) have taken complete control of the cities and advanced regions. Since we are a semi-colony of imperialism, the imperialist yoke renders it necessary that the revolution develop by establishing bases in the countryside and develop towards the cities (with us the democratic revolution and national revolution are fused into one).”

Let Us Grasp Correctly the Red Political Power Doctrine of Chairman Mao, January 1972

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya struggled for the construction of an Army and a Front led by the Communist Party, drawing a line from whom advocated for a “revolutionary unity of forces” that was revising what Chairman Mao put forward about United Front and renounce the hegemony of the proletariat in the Front and the worker-peasant alliance.

“The people's united front cannot be realized without a fundamental alliance of workers and peasants under proletarian leadership and in one or in several areas the forming of red political power. To argue to the contrary is to rely on the bourgeoisie, lose independence and give the initiative to the reactionaries, instead of "being self reliant, preserving independence and holding the initiative". What is lacking in our country in order for red political power to be born is "a strong party pursuing a correct line" and "a powerful red army"

The Main Points on Which We Disagree With Shatak Revisionism, 1972.

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya was a firm defender of the right of self determination of the Kurdish nation, and called the proletariat and the Turkish and Kurdish peoples for unity, to oppose the subjection of the Turkish state over the Kurdish nation. He also warned the conscious proletariat that this should unconditionally support the democratic character of the Kurdish movement but always preserving the fundamental interests of the workers and peasants in order to not be at the tail of the Turkish or Kurdish ruling classes.

“While fighting against the inequalities and privileges that favour the Turkish ruling classes and the national oppression and persecution targeting national minorities, if a struggle is not waged with the nationalist ambitions of the bourgeoisie and landlords, in this case another nationalism, Kurdish nationalism, will be consolidated, ... and the unity and solidarity between Kurdish and Turkish workers and peasants will be sabotaged”

The National Question in Turkey, 1971

In this date of celebration of the life and example of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, we communists and revolutionaries must take his teachings as a weapon against the liquidation, pessimism and revisionism. Kaypakkaya had great firmness in the struggle against revisionism and an iron will against the torture inflicted on him in the last months of his life.

The Colombian proletariat which is reconstituting its vanguard, the Communist Party, feels like one of yours, as one of the class of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, son of the people, leader of the proletariat, who is registered forever in the history of the struggle for communism.

Long live the People’s War in Turkey!

Long live the TKP/ML - CC!

Long live Ibrahim Kaypakkaya!

Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Colombia
May, 2018