We publish this inofficial translation of a statement of Partizan and the Red Front Collective:

Below we publish a statement by Partizan and the Red Front Collective of 18 May 2018, on the reactionary attack of the so-called "youth resistance" against the May Day demonstration in Berlin. At this point we again refer to the statement by the Red Flag Committee and the comments from Ecuador and the Ruhr.

About the 1. May 2018 in Berlin and the group "youth resistance".

Here we speak as organisations from Austria and Turkey / Kurdistan to clearly and unequivocally condemn the reactionary and insidious attack of the group "Jugendwiderstand" on the First of May demonstration in Berlin, to brand it as a reactionary manoeuvre, which took place under the eyes and tolerated by the German police against revolutionaries, anti-fascists, feminists and communists.

And this on the First of May, on the Day of Struggle of the proletariat, in a period in which the old German state apparatus widened the witch-hunt he had begun after G20. These facts would actually suffice to make this attack clear to the eyes of all who want to know it as a reactionary manoeuvre. In addition, however, the group "Jugendwiderstand" has confirmed the reactionary and contemptuous nature of their attack and of themselves, by not taking a clear position on any criticism that has hitherto been public about them and their attack. At least this behaviour is a practical admission that the comrades of the Committee Red Flag with their document that they have published about the incidents on the First of May 2018 in Berlin, apparently are absolutely correct. But also the criticism of the comrades of the editors of the class standpoint [Klassenstandpunkt] must be pointed out here, who published a document some time ago (1) that deals with the said group more or less comprehensively. Again, the group "Jugendwiderstand" was unable to answer, thus confirming that it can present no arguments, no evidence, no proletarian class standpoint against the criticism brought up, so that the criticism is correct. We therefore want to expressly recommend to all comrades, to all revolutionary forces, the study of these two documents of criticism so that they can convince themselves, under the impression of the reactionary and insidious attack on the First of May 2018, of what "Jugendwiderstand" obviously is: reactionaries.

Down with revisionism!
Long live proletarian internationalism!


Red front collective

18 May 2018

(1) Against the gang of right-wing liquidators, who act as "youth resistance" mischief; September 2017