We publish an inofficial translation of the international invitation for the XV regular regional congress of SUTE – HUANCAVELICA. This congress took place in Huancavelica in Peru on the 25th of November:



Huancavelica, October 02, 2017.

We have the great honor of sending to you and through its combative union Base, aiming to express the class greetings in the name of the Regional Executive Committee of SUTE-Huancavelica, and at the same time to express the following:

In the international level, imperialism, mainly Yankee, keeps developing as the hegemonic single power, imposing its warfare plan of military penetration in strategic areas to control extensive zones rich of raw materials like gas, oil and ore, being the Middle East the center of its worldwide political crisis, this fact naturally generates the resistance of the oppressed nations and peoples of the world, through national liberation struggles, and the intensification of the people’s struggles as the main tendency.

According to the orders of imperialism, the most fierce lackey and fascist government of Kuczynski, implements the neoliberal policies, which are against the workers and people: the cut of civil rights like the right to public and free education, health and safety, preparing its privatization through the concessions of the Education Center to the APP, just as is being happening with transportation, phone, and other services by applying the political persecution and sanctions against those who oppose their black plans to hand everything to the big monopolies all this in a midst of the most rotten corruption which the shift governments are involved.

In the same chain there is the Regional Government of Huancavelica and its decentralized organisms as the DREH and the UGELs, where the immorality, corruption, nepotism, politic favors reigns –  in which everything is acceptable when it comes to benefit a small group headed by Glodoaldo Álvarez, his managers like Glover Flores and Alfonso Encias, and Ángel R. Chancha and Sonia Torres, his smaller associates and principals of the UGELS of Huancavelica and Castrovirreyna – whereas the population faces the most extreme poverty, malnutrition, chronic anemia, unemployment and underemployment.

This is how we assess the situation of the country and the Region. it corresponds to the greatest union organization of teachers –  Our glorious SUTEP – to keep developing the struggles together with the parents, students and all the people as a whole in defense of the Free Public Education, the right to employment and work stability and the other achievements of the teachers and the people. It is indispensable at this moment is to ideologically, politically and organizationally strengthen our trade union from the Bases to the National Executive Committee.

Considering the presented circumstances and following the agreement of the VI Regional Assembly of Delegates, held in September 17 this year, we invite its representatives to take part in the XV regular regional congress of SUTE HUANCAVELICA, which will be held during November 25 2017, starting 8:30 a.m., in the city of Huancavelica, where the following will be discussed:

report and assessment of the Regional Executive Committee during 2015-2017
international – national political situation
National education reality
Situation of the teacher’s movement
Struggle plans and tasks
Election of a new Regional Executive Committee for the period of 2018-2019.