Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Joint declaration of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations to mark the centenary of the Great Socialist October Revolution


“The October Revolution cannot be regarded merely as a revolution "within national bounds." It is, primarily, a revolution of an international, world order, for it signifies a radical turn in the world history of mankind, a turn from the old, capitalist world to the new, socialist world.”


In this celebration of the centenary of the Great Socialist October Revolution the marxist-leninist-maoist Parties and Organizations we have to raise our class optimism to the top and propel our tasks in this New Era with more and more initiative and energy, this Era that opened with the thunder of the cannons of Russian workers and peasants led by the Bolshevik Party under the Great Leadership of the Great Lenin. It is up to us to do everything, in each country without exception, to develop the revolution, according to each corresponding character, democratic or socialist, which implies to focus on the People’s War, to initiate and develop until the Conquest of Power; for which we need as primary demand, in the great majority of countries, the constitution or reconstitution of the Communist Parties.

We communists are the vanguard of the class, we are the expression of the incessant and increasing struggle of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world and on the whole earth we celebrate this great milestone of the proletarian world revolution, together with the deepest and broadest masses. We celebrate together with the communists and revolutionaries who advance in the People’s wars in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines on the path opened by the Great Socialist October Revolution; People’s Wars which are the clear demonstration before the world of how, in the new Power, based on the worker-peasant alliance under the absolute leadership of the proletariat, through the Communist Party, the teachings of the Power of the Soviet is applied, and for this, how it keeps vigorous and potent in them despite the capitalist restorations headed by the revisionists. It is good to point out in this occasion that, this year, we communists are also celebrating the 50 anniversary of the Heroic Armed Rebellion of the Peasants of Naxalbari, that initiated what would become the People’s War in India.

This celebration is a celebration of the triumph of marxism – today marxism-leninism-maoism, principally maoism – over revisionism of every type. It is a celebration of how Lenin, applying marxism in creative form, smashed those who negated the necessity of the Party of a new type and centred in legalist and economistic forms in the parliamentary cretinism and who negated the possibility of revolution “because the conditions were not ripe”. It is a celebration of how Lenin smashed the socialimperialists, socialchauvinists and socialpatriots, who aligned with “their” imperialist nation to defend their miserable parasitic existence. It is a celebration in defence of marxism against the attacks of those who pretended to have “overcome” historical and dialectical materialism. It is a celebration of how comrade Stalin smashed trotskyism in the midst of hard two line struggle and how he defined, against all the screams of the “orthodox”, leninism as the second stage of marxism.

Our revolutionary optimism, our conviction of the truth and universal validity of marxism-leninism-maoism, principally maoism, is a fierce contend to the miserable such as Khrushchev, intriguers, conspirators, ambitious and traitors, who usurped the State of the Proletariat, and restored the bourgeois dictatorship. When we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution, we do it certain that nothing will be remembered of Khrushchev, nothing will be remembered of Brezhnev, Gorbachev and their congeners, but the names of Lenin and Stalin will live eternally in the memory of the new humanity as symbols of the ones who opened the New Era that puts an end to imperialism.

It is a celebration of the revolutionary violence and the ruthless combat against opportunism, of the omnipotence of revolutionary violence and how only by defeating all the despicable capitulation and liquidationism – no matter what mask their wear – the revolution can be carried forward, to conquer and defend the Power with People’s War. It is a celebration of the continuation of the socialist revolution through successive proletarian cultural revolutions, always with People’s War, until all humanity arrives at the always golden communism.

This is a profound celebration and with high level of consciousness, of how the highest form of democracy and the highest form freedom for the popular masses in the class society is the Dictatorship of the Proletariat; how the highest, most developed and potent form of production ever seen on the world, in a class society, is the Socialist one.

In celebrating the centenary of the Great Socialist October Revolution, we are celebrating the Third International, the Communist International, created by Lenin as a combat machine for the proletarian world revolution. So, this celebration implies to us to reaffirm our commitment in struggling for the reconstitution of the International, for the reunification of the International Communist Movement on the basis of marxism-leninism-maoism, principally maoism, the ruthless combat against revisionism and serving the proletarian world revolution. For this, we have the process of how the Third International was founded very present, which was not a result of an agreement with the old parties moulded to the old order, but by the struggle of the left firmly united under the great leadership of Lenin and closing ranks with the Bolshevik Party. Therefore we struggle for a United Maoist International Conference as an initial step to advance more resolutely in overcoming the dispersion of the communists.

We celebrate the application of marxism, which meant a great leap that was constituted in leninism, done by the great Lenin, who with his great example demonstrated us like no one before him, that we communists must be creative, solve new problems based on the principles, smashing all hypocrisy and falsity of the Pharisee, principally revisionism. Meaning today it corresponds to denounce, combat and to crush the opportunist lines, avakianism, prachandism and all remaining opportunism manifestations. He teaches us that in order to make the revolution in a concrete reality we have the necessity, the obligation, the duty, to establish the concrete specific laws of its process, that we need to have the indispensable theory, that we need a guiding thought to be able to carry out the revolution to its triumph. So, we celebrate all communists who have dared to follow this shining example; as also those who continue today; in consequence, it is necessary to insist in the task of the communists and all revolutionaries of the world to defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living marxist-leninist-maoist and continuator of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tsetung.

Today, we also pay tribute to the masses, to the millions of workers and peasants that gave their lives in the long struggle of the Russian Revolution, in the Great Socialist October Revolution, in the war against the imperialist intervention and for defending the sacred socialist motherland, the Soviet Union, against the fascist beast. We pay tribute to the sailors of the Aurora, to the partisans and the liberators of Berlin; to the millions of red combatants that have fallen with the words “For Lenin!”, “For Stalin!”, “For the Socialist Motherland!” on their lips. We pay tribute to the Bolshevik communists, communists of special matter, communists of steel, among them great leaders as Sverdlov, Dzerzhinsky, Kirov and thousands and thousands more that gave their lives for communism knowing that they would never live to see it. They are all present here with us, they live in our struggle, which is the same as theirs.

Today, in the moment of the strategic offensive of the proletarian world revolution, within in the epoch of the “50 to 100 years” in which imperialism and all reaction would be swept away from the face of Earth, we celebrate the Revolution that initiated the New Era, we assume the commitment to uphold, defend and apply the teachings of October, that are materialized in struggling tirelessly to put maoism as the sole command and guide of the new great wave of the proletarian world revolution, ruthlessly combating imperialism and reaction, which cannot be separated from the struggle against revisionism and all opportunism.

Long live the 100th Anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution!
Long live marxism-leninism-maoism, principally maoism!
Defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo with People’s War!
Long live the 50th Anniversary of the Naxalbari Rebellion!
People’s War until communism!

Committee Red Flag (FRG)
Committees for the Founding of the (Maoist) Communist Party, Austria
Communist Party of Peru
Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction)
Red Faction of the Communist Party of Chile
Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun
Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Revolutionary Front of the People of Bolivia
Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Colombia
Current of the People Red Sun – Mexico