In the following we would like to document the translation of the article "Wider die Bande von rechten Liquidatoren" that was recently send to us. In his mail, the translator remarked on the chance of some mistakes still existing, hence the translation will be further improved if deemed neccessary.


Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Against the gang of right liquidators, who are up to mischief under the alias “Jugendwiderstand”

Editorial staff of the magazine




... the social-chauvinist or (what is the same thing) opportunist trend can neither disappear nor “return” to the revolutionary proletariat. Wherever Marxism is popular among the workers, this political trend, this “bourgeois labour party”, will swear by the name of Marx. It cannot be prohibited from doing this, just as a trading firm cannot be prohibited from using any particular label, sign or advertisement. It has always been the case in history that after the death of revolutionary leaders who were popular among the oppressed classes, their enemies have attempted to appropriate their names so as to deceive the oppressed classes.”

Lenin: Imperialism and the Split in Socialism


“When we speak of fighting opportunism, we must never forget a characteristic feature of present-day opportunism in every sphere, namely, its vagueness, amorphousness, elusiveness. An opportunist, by his very nature, will always evade taking a clear and decisive stand, he will always seek a middle course, he will always wriggle like a snake between two mutually exclusive points of view and try to "agree" with both and reduce his differences of opinion to petty amendments, doubts, innocent and pious suggestions, and so on and so forth.”

Lenin: One step forward, two steps back


“Opportunism is our principal enemy. Opportunism in the upper ranks of the working-class movement is bourgeois socialism, not proletarian socialism. It has been shown in practice that working-class activists who follow the opportunist trend are better defenders of the bourgeoisie than the bourgeois themselves.”

Lenin: Report On The International Situation And The Fundamental Tasks Of The Communist International


“We are marching in a compact group along a precipitous and difficult path, firmly holding each other by the hand. We are surrounded on all sides by enemies, and we have to advance almost constantly under their fire. We have combined, by a freely adopted decision, for the purpose of fighting the enemy, and not of retreating into the neighbouring marsh, the inhabitants of which, from the very outset, have reproached us with having separated ourselves into an exclusive group and with having chosen the path of struggle instead of the path of conciliation. And now some among us begin to cry out: Let us go into the marsh! And when we begin to shame them, they retort: What backward people you are! Are you not ashamed to deny us the liberty to invite you to take a better road! Oh, yes, gentlemen! You are free not only to invite us, but to go yourselves wherever you will, even into the marsh. In fact, we think that the marsh is your proper place, and we are prepared to render you every assistance to get there. Only let go of our hands, don’t clutch at us and don’t besmirch the grand word freedom, for we too are “free” to go where we please, free to fight not only against the marsh, but also against those who are turning towards the marsh!”

Lenin: What is to be done


“It is the spirit of internationalism, the spirit of communism ... the internationalism with which we oppose both narrow nationalism and narrow patriotism.”

Mao Tse-Tung: In memory of Norman Bethune


“It is revisionism to negate the basic principles of Marxism and to negate its universal truth. Revisionism is one form of bourgeois ideology. The revisionists deny the differences between socialism and capitalism, between the dictatorship of the proletariat and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. What they advocate is in fact not the socialist line but the capitalist line. In present circumstances, revisionism is more pernicious than dogmatism. One of our current important tasks on the ideological front is to unfold criticism of revisionism.”

Mao Tse-Tung: Speech at the Chinese Communist Party’s National Conference on Propaganda Work


“Revisionism, or Right opportunism, is a bourgeois trend of thought that is even more dangerous than dogmatism. The revisionists, the Right opportunists, pay lipservice to Marxism; they too attack “dogmatism”. But what they are really attacking is the quintessence of Marxism. They oppose or distort materialism and dialectics, oppose or try to weaken the people’s democratic dictatorship and the leading role of the Communist Party, and oppose or try to weaken socialist transformation and socialist construction. ... who vainly hope to restore the capitalist system and fight the working class on every front, including the ideological one. And their right-hand men in this struggle are the revisionists.”

Mao Tse-Tung: On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People


“’Lifting a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet’ is a Chinese folk saying to describe the behaviour of certain fools. The reactionaries in all countries are fools of this kind.”

Mao Tse-Tung: Speech at the Meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R. in

Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

1. Preface


At the beginning, before diving deeper into the real issue – the right liquidators operating under the alias “Jugendwiderstand” –, we consider it necessary to make some introductory comments.

We have compiled this document in consultation with various comrades and based on information from different comrades. Comrades who know the situation of the Maoists in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). Informations regarding organisational matters, we have received from comrades leading this organisational work.

We, who fight as revolutionaries for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany (CPG), consider it indispensable to expose the gang of right liquidators of the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” because, based on our own experiences and the experiences of comrades, “Jugendwiderstand” is hostile to this task and tries to liquidate any activity aiming in this direction. Hence it is to be shown in the course of this document that the right liquidators have nothing to do with the principles of Marxism, today at the stage of Maoism, but rather disfigure them, deny them by their disgusting opportunism and thereby betray the international proletariat and the peoples of the world.

But let us first discuss another question. Comrades and friends occasionally ask why Klassenstandpunkt does not appear on the Internet. The main reason for this is that our magazine is published as a clandestine one and is developed as such, allowing us to actually write everything deemed necessary for the revolutionary movement, like this document. On this occasion one should hint at the experiences of another well-known newspaper project, the “radikal”1, that also had the aspiration of working clandestinely, but faced heavy setbacks due to their online publications.

The absolute necessity of clandestinity is also shown by the work of a youth circle, such as “SOL”, and the reactions to it. Against this work, the reaction developed a campaign, which was realized at different levels.

Regarding 1st of May 2015, the local Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Hamburg stated:

The groups involved - who had already contributed to the escalation of the ‘revolutionary Mayday demonstration’ in the previous years and regularly considered this as a success of their agitation - already documented their willingness for the usage of violence in their call published on the Internet. It was demanded to “crush this damned system!”. For those defending ‘the system’ ‘one thing should be very clear: the revolution will march over their heads.’”2


Calls and publications - especially of the group SoL (Sozialistische Linke) - have shown for more than three years an increased degree of ideological brutalization and contempt against different minded people.”3

After the 1 st of May 2014 the Hamburger Abendblatt , the largest local newspaper in Hamburg, wrote:

[ ...] are considered especially violent. They also orientate themselvestowards terrorist and communist groups abroad. Violence, even deadly, is accepted.”4

and further

... anti-imperialists are planning their actions long-term and with strategic considerations.”5

By doing so, t he newspaper followed the line-defining speech given by the head of the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution in February 2014. Among other things, it was stated there:

Their acts are already on the brink of terrorist violence.”6

However, he currently does not believe that there are structures that can be called terrorist in the strict sense. However, one could see some elements ‘in which this is enrooted .’”7

“One would have to assume that there are people in the movement who would be able to commit crimes of medium seriousness, but in such a way, that the even their narrower circle of affiliates or ‘buddies from the movement’ would not learn about it. ‘There are people capable of that, and that is an element of building a terrorist structure.’”

This is a structure that, in accordance with the definition of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, commits sustained and solidified criminal acts in order to achieve political goals or influence political decision-makers .” 8

The anti-imperialists, who last had their upswing in the 80s and have been active again in Hamburg in recent years. Together with the significantly more numerous left-wing autonomous groups, they would form the group of violence-oriented left-wing extremists. Only about 60 of the 620 Hamburg left-wing extremists are considered to be anti-imperialists. In their orientation towards violence and the acceptance of violence, however, they are clearly different from the autonomous ones.”9

“The use of violence would not be questioned by the anti-imperialists, ... Sozialistische Linke (SOL) ... who regard themselves as ‘advocates of the exploited third world’.”10

The ... spread fantasies of violence and tactics for attack, foreboding brutal attacks on policemen, Manfred Murck therefore locatesrather in the camp of the anti-imperialists.”11

It is particularly relevant that one structure, also faced with these attacks, switched sides. In this context, a statement which was published in the newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost is outstanding. It states in relation to SOL :

The competitors ... are ‘confused in their demands’ and call ‘quite clumsily for violence against policemen’ ...”12

The campaign of the reaction went even further with an interview published in the newspaper taz:

In it, the structure affected by the campaign of the reaction is insinuated to have “called for the People's War.13

It is also stated “... if you, with 30 people, call for the armed struggle. This is idiocy.”14

Additionally a “very authoritarian style of politics15 and “dogmatic thinking”16 was ascribed.

These insinuations were underlined by lies in the press, which drew an image of bloodthirsty terrorists. In the newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt it was said in June 2015:

During the riots on Mayday 2014, Molotov cocktails were thrown by hooded persons on and into a police car with two policemen in it.”17

Also other organizations working in the International Centre B5 became the target of the secret services. In 2015, the Association New Democracy is mentioned for the first time in a report made by the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution and it is being depicted in a context of “terrorism”.

The ‘Association New Democracy’(AND) also makes use of the rooms of the ‘International Centre B5’. The organization relates to the Communist Party of Peru and is ideologically close to the former and the terrorist organization ‘Sendero Luminoso’ (‘Shining Path’).”18

Snitches, calling themselves “former B5 users”, publicly insinuated the same alleged relation between SOL-AND-BGIA19, both organisationally as well as politically (“dogmatic/sectarian” and “focus on Maoism and People’s Wars”20). Such utterances show the convergences between the repressive organs (especially the Office for the Protection of the Constitution) of the old FRG state and revisionists and capitulants.

The international dimension of this campaign becomes even more evident, when considering the statements of the Interior Minister of India, Kiren Rijiju:

“The so-called ‘People’s War’, led by the CPI (Maoist), against the Indian state, has also received support from some marginal Maoist organizations, based in Germany ...”21

Subsequently old Indian state called upon various institutions in Europe to combat these structures

Recently, the bourgeois media massively agitated against a demonstration against the OSCE summit in December 2016 with several articles in various regional and nationwide newspapers. Again, the organisations preparing it and the person to register the demonstration were put in a context of terrorism (and of the latter even the alleged place of living was published).

All this, because of single youth-circle like SOL, orientating itself towards Maoism and developing its work in Hamburg accordingly. Therefore we can not and will not use Facebook and the like. Comrades from Brazil have published a text, that we have published in our newspaper and that we fully share in its basic statement.22 We want to note what Ernst Thälmann presented in the retrospective of the Hamburg Uprising:

The Russian Revolution of 1905 ended at the tzar’s gallows, in the dungeons, in Siberia. And it awoke anew anyway! Hamburg is not dead either, but Hamburg is invincible.”23

The five necessities of party-work – democratic centralism, vigilance, secret, clandestinity, and discipline – are therefore not just abstract principles. Communists simply can not develop their work in any other way, it would be impossible.

This is what had to be said as a preface in order to understand the context24 of issues presented and analysed in this document.

2. On the history and development of the right liquidators


At the beginning of the events well known, there had been several different developments within the circles in the FRG andespecially the development of the youth-circle SOL towards Maoism and an increasing repression against parts of Zusammen Kämpfen (ZK) Berlin25. In this situation, the head of the gang of right liquidators26 of “Jugendwiderstand” organised a split of Zusammen Kämpfen Berlin in this situation.

This happened after consultations with friends from international organisations and against their explicit advice (Do not split up, but develop the struggle inside the organisation). Moreover this happened in a manner later by parts of Zusammen Kämpfen described as “underhanded”, meaning that it was not open and honest, but fraudulent and behind the back.

There were conversations with individuals and groups, a faction was built and the split was prepared. This manner took a heavy toll on the relationship between SOL and ZK. On local level, cooperation was impossible for quite some time. During this process the head of the right liquidators made some experiences, which he later applied again.

It is relevant to mention, that the head lied to the responsible comrades from SOL regarding his organisational activities. Hence dishonesty was a constant part of his behaviour from the beginning, as became evident later. Dishonesty and the avoidance of struggle and dispute on disagreements define the approach of the head in the internal struggle. Another constant is his problem with revolutionary violence, but more on that later.

Those who split from ZK were incorporated into SOL. In accordance with the development stage of SOL back then – SOL was a circle based on friendship as well – the existing problems could not be solved. Comrades from SOL went to Berlin regularly and organised meetings, but nevertheless the work in Berlin almost collapsed. Other comrades took on the task to reorganise. For this purpose they met with some of the former comrades. In the second meeting of this kind, only two comrades participated, the others declared everything (the meetings) would be “too hard” for them. In this process it became evident, that the head was against the development, because of the loss of control over “his people”. The struggle was waged. The responsible comrades prevented the capitulation of those people. They were lifted up from the bottom. The foundation of the Rote Jugend27 with a lot of young people was a huge success of the responsible comrade’s work. Henceforth the work progressed rapidly.

Achievements like the triumph of the India Conference in Hamburg in 2012 – which the individuals of the right liquidators had nothing to do with – or the song for the 1st of May 2014 (which today is declared to be a product of the capitulant acting as personal servant to the head) originated from central directives of the leadership.

The problem of the head of the so-called gang “Jugendwiderstand” with revolutionary violence became evident during the demonstration on the 1st of May 2014 in Hamburg. During this demonstration the head deserted and left his comrades, resisting massive police attacks in the demonstration’s first row, alone. He complained about alleged injuries and refused to comply with the orders to get back to his post. Later he gave verbal consent, but then went into hiding among the masses of the demonstration anyway, instead of going back to his post.

In a meeting of the highest apparatus, were the head had been a member of, this capitulation was addressed, criticised and decisively refused and a self-criticism, especially in practice was demanded. Instead of recognizing his mistakes and problems, instead of opening up his heart towards the organization, he made a whiny performance and in the end once again capitulated in the face of his tasks inside the apparatus.

These two events are the starting point for the advanced work of the head. But even before those, his work was sabotage-like. He was not fulfilling his tasks. He did so, because he did not want to fulfil them, because he did not want to work under a centralised leadership.

On this, José Carlos Mariátegui writes: “If revolution demands violence, authority, discipline, I am for violence, authority, discipline. I accept them, as a whole with all their horrors without cowardly reservations.”28

Respectively the communists have three demands on their members: To break with the old society, to fully dedicate oneself to the revolution, to sacrifice one’s life for it.

The sabotage and capitulation of the head made a series of unscheduled meetings of leading comrades with him necessary. Therefore the leadership could not concentrate their resources on other tasks and hence, mainly because of this, various tasks were fulfilled late. Nevertheless it was decided on the highest level, that the head would not be presumed “lost” and respective measures were taken (he was not suspended from his tasks).

The head, agreeing with those measures, acted as two-faced as he had done since the beginning (for example, when he agreed with a comrade’s relocation in a meeting, but criticised the decision in “private” conversation with a local leader anyway). The head planned an intrigue, which was exposed by a local leader’s report, whom he wanted to drag into it as well.

As a result, meetings for two line struggle took place. On such a meeting of the Internationalistisches Arbeiterkollektiv29 the masses were explicitly asked to criticise the leadership. But they however said, there would be no criticism on the leadership - everything would be fine. Later on, when they declared their capitulation and their involvement in the activities, they conceded that they had lied during this meeting.

On such a meeting the head mentioned two essential criticisms for the first time: “Too much Peru” and the rejection of the struggle against imperialist chauvinism in the FRG. Even before that, during his membership in Zusammen Kämpfen, he was nicknamed “national bolshevik” and the latest developments of the right liquidators make a good point for it.

The great Lenin made some important remarks concerning the head’s first criticism in his document “What is to be done?”:

The conclusion you draw, how. ever, is that the working-class movement must not be pushed on from outside! […] here has never been too much of such ‘pushing on from outside’; on the contrary, there has so far been all too little of it in our movement, for we have been stewing too assiduously in our own juice […] We professional revolutionaries must and will make it our business to engage in this kind of ‘pushing on’ a hundred times more forcibly than we have done hitherto. But the very fact that you select so hideous a phrase as ‘pushing on from outside’ — a phrase which cannot but rouse in the workers (at least in the workers who are as unenlightened as you yourselves) a sense of distrust towards all who bring them political knowledge and revolutionary experience from outside, which cannot but rouse in them an instinctive desire to resist all such people — proves you to be demagogues, and demagogues are the worst enemies of the working class.”

With the event “Rap Rebellion” the black work of the head was proven again. Information was not forwarded and centralised, or if so, only partially. During this activity, he led the masses, although this was completely forbidden to him after his capitulation. He organised the failure of meetings. He did not pass on information from the leadership to the masses. He issued no report – and also no economic one as well. Whether or not he misappropriated funds for the construction of the organisation of the right liquidators is unknown, but not unlikely.

The final split was the product of a long systematic plan, with nine people capitulating at the same time under rather similar pretences. Obviously there had been a program of capitulation. Obviously there had been plenty of meetings with individuals and the whole group to systematically prepare this liquidation.

It occurred in a particular moment shortly after the Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg-Demonstration (LLL) in 2015, which is significant for multiple reasons. Just then, no intervention by the central leadership was possible, they would not be forced to explain themselves internationally for at least some time and the contradictions of the International Communist Movement (ICM) intensified, also having its repercussions in the rows of the proletarian revolutionaries in the FRG, due to the developments in western Asia.

At this point it has to be stressed, that several comrades made mistakes of varying degree in this struggle. They have been criticised and self-criticised and measures have been taken. But the mistakes that were made, are secondary in the light to the liquidationist activities. The main aspect is the deeply black opposition, containing nothing creative or new, against the tasks of the proletarian revolutionaries in the FRG. This opposition does not serve to build up the new, but to destroy. It is the collection and systematization of right ideas, criteria and standpoints. The head plucked the weeds, the poisoned seed of the old society, from the minds and brewed a poison to destroy the organisation.

3. On the moment and handling of the open appearance of the right liquidators


One may ask, why the comrades have not exposed and denounced this intrigue publicly the very moment the liquidators had finished their split. The answer is fairly easy to comprehend for proletarian internationalists, who always bear in mind not only the class struggle on their own door step, but also on world level.

Maoism has only been a perceptible force in the national class struggle for a short time in the FRG. Internationally several things have to be considered. The struggle to assert Maoism as guidance and command of the proletarian world revolution was not won then and still is not. Revisionism and opportunism lie in wait for opportunities to defame Maoism. Revisionists and opportunists all over the world would have celebrated, if there had been a huge outburst in this very moment. Once again they would have had a pretence to depict Maoists as splitters and sectarians. It would have been a joy for them. And the revisionist’s joy is always the international proletariat’s and peoples’ harm.

Back then, the comrades wrote in an internal document, which they provided for our work:

“Consider this: Does it benefit the working class in Germany, that there is another small ‘communist’ circle? Will the working class in Germany be glad, that the incapability to unite was proven again? Will the youth be glad, that even more confusion is caused? Will the women be glad, that the only proletarian feminist organisation in Berlin is temporarily liquidated? Will it benefit the revolutionaries, that the unification process of the communists in Germany was slowed down again? Will the communists be glad about the attempt to reestablish circles spirit and handicraft methods. No. The bourgeoisie, the imperialists, the reactionaries, the Anti-Deutsche30, the fascists, the opportunists, the revisionists in the whole world, the yellow unions, the parliamentary cretins, they will be glad. Hence they benefit from this!”

And the comrades further wrote:

The experiences …31 show, that we can overcome the emerging problems, if we do not follow the right, if we do not exaggerate their importance, if we focus on the development of our work.”

“We know from our experiences, they will probably try to start a great initiative, to have a great impact with a lot of attention, a lot of internet propaganda, music, and maybe some activities. We know, they will not be successful in the long term. They will never be able to go to the deepest and broadest masses and unite with them. It would be a great mistake to focus on them and their attempts. That would exaggerate them. That would make them stronger. They have shown and declared themselves (one female capitulant: ‘Our leadership represents the red line, gives correct directives, has foresight and wisdom.’ - in regards to our organisation), that they don’t even reach our ankles.”

The decision taken by the comrades not to make a huge outburst, not to start a debate in the movement, not to write international declarations, is based on two things: First, a correct assessment of the international and national class struggle and the two line struggle. Second, practical experiences. The line, which was determined and conducted on the fundament of these two factors, has proven itself right. The assessment of the right liquidators has proven itself right as well, albeit they have been much slower than anticipated due to their own insufficiencies. This way the revisionist’s manoeuvring room against Maoism had been limited.

Apart from this, comrades, after the founding of the so-called “Jugendwiderstand”, were asked by international organisations, if they should link to the website of “Jugendwiderstand”. The comrades agreed to this, since they wanted to develop the two line struggle against the right liquidators on this basis. This was not as easy as anticipated, because the right liquidators evaded definite statements for a long time, avoided every discussion and were afraid of every debate. Hence, they presented themselves as a mass organisation, the so-called “Jugendwiderstand”.

In their founding declaration the right liquidators have not mentioned a sole syllable of ideological, political or organisational criticism towards the Maoists in the FRG. They gave no reason for their split, only presented fait accompli.

Their purpose to liquidate the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany became immanent. They did waste any words on the necessity of the Communist Party and its reconstitution in the FRG. This describes how far they have strayed from Marxism.

Only after it was repeatedly made clear in two line struggle, e.g. articles in the Klassenstandpunkt, that people calling themselves communists, but not at all talking about the necessity of the Communist Party, are ridiculous (Even more so, considering that they have worked under the leadership of comrades that worked towards this purpose) they conceived the name of a fraudulent “party organisation”. First, the so-called “marxistisch-leninistisch-maoistisches Parteiaufbaukomitee (MLM-PAK)”32, later the so-called “Marxistisch-Leninistisch-Maoistische Partei Deutschlands (Aufbaukomitee)”33. Using the previous, they signed the 1st of May declaration of various international parties and organisations. Their only aim was to cause confusion in the International Communist Movement and among the masses in the FRG. It was a despicable attempt to present themselves as communists, that for one reason alone not sank into complete insignificance, and that has been the attempt made by the right within the ICM to use them for their own purposes.

After all these developments the right liquidators aimed to draw attention at the LLL-Demonstration in Berlin 2016 and to present their mobilisation as a deciding factor. And in fact, they actually accomplished a greater mobilisation in this year. The significance of the LLL-Demonstration, especially in Berlin, is widely known. The mobilisation and the appearance can have an important effect on the development of the front-work in the city, because actual or apparent forces are demonstrated. In this sense the LLL-Demonstration was a success for the right liquidators. But the Maoist comrades have not been misled by this. Again, it would have exaggerated the significance of this bunch of liquidators. The comrades followed their line and the bend in the road of the struggles against the right liquidators was overcome in the following year, whereupon by insisting on the correct line, a very vital and strong mobilisation with a militant expression was accomplished. Even though a major part of the masses, organised in the course of the year based on the correct application of the massline, was not attending. Common to proletarians, they have families and corresponding duties and hence either were not able to participate (due to organisational limitations) or not motivated enough (due to a lack of formation) in order to drive to Berlin on a Sunday. Nevertheless, the tables were turned.

4. Questions regarding line


Relevant questions emerging in this context are: Do the right liquidators have a line of their own? What does it mean for an organization to have a line? What is a line?

The latter needs to be answered first before one is able to explain the other questions correctly. A line is a system of standpoints with which one takes position in class struggle. Marxism distinguishes between idea, stance, criterion and standpoint. Ordered by increasing systematization, a standpoint represents a well-founded position in class struggle. A line is a connected system of standpoints according to the perception of the world. The proletarian line is (in respect to the proletariat) the right and correct line, according to which one can make the correct tactical and strategical decisions at every point in time and at every moment in the development of class struggle.

There can be rightist or leftist deviations from this line, which become (or rather are made into) a right-opportunist or “left”-opportunist line when they culminate. Right-opportunism is the political expression of what is used to be known as revisionism on the ideological level and “left”-opportunism is the political expression of dogmatism. On the issue of right and “left” deviation Chairman Mao explains regarding the point in time:

“Tenth, some people ask, what is meant by ‘Left’ and Right deviations? As we have said on previous occasions, everything moves in space and time. Here I'll chiefly deal with the question of time. If the observation you make of the movement of things does not agree with reality, it is a ‘Left’ deviation if your judgement is premature, and it is a Right deviation if your judgement lags behind.”34

Those of the so-called “Jugendwiderstand”, living in the ever distant past, lag far behind the necessities of the revolutionary movement of the world and in the FRG, as it was shown clearly in the question of the reconstitution of the Party. That is why they are rightists and not “leftists”. But they are missing a right-opportunist line of their own. The reason for them not having a line is that their very different kinds of standpoints have not been structured and systematized yet. This is an expression of an evident organisational shortcoming. The right liquidators do not have a head which would be capable to do so for mainly two reasons: The head of the gang is a dilettante, who might haven been able to summarise the rightist standpoints mainly aimed against the reconstitution of the CPG, but he is physically and mentally not capable to go past this. On the other hand a systematisation would sharpen the contradictions inside the gang so far, it would simply break apart.

What they produce is accordingly a hotchpotch of bad replications of the standpoints of the Maoist s in the FRG, blatant opportunism and “self-made developments”, i.e. anti-Marxism. The slogan “Resist and combat!” by the right liquidators is exemplary. It is their disassociation from the slogan of the M aoists in the FRG “Combat and resist!”. Furthermore, by means of doing so they score points with other forces in the ICM. The significance of the slogan “Combat and resist!” is to put the initiative of the class, the attack, the struggle, in the first place and the preparation for the reaction’ s counter strike and the ability to resist it in the second place. The slogan by t he right liquidators, on the contrary, puts passivity in the first place, from which allegedly an offensive momentum should develop. Another example is their slogan “People’s War for S ocialism!”. It is a delineation from the slogan “People’s War until Communism!”, expressing the need of our class to seize and defend power by means of People’s War until all of humankind is moved on to C ommunism. With their delineation the right liquidators are negating the universality of People’s War as the military theory of the proletariat, which however constitutes a central aspect of Maoism. A prime example of their opportunism was presented in the speech on occasion of the founding of the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” in Bremen by the right liquidators, i n which they claim that in Kurdistan and Manipur People’s Wars are being waged by Communist Parties and that whoever is not acknowledging this, should not be a communist. We do not know any official statements in this regard, except for the part of Kurdistan which is located in Turkey.

Another evident feature of their eclecticism, opportunism and their practice to hide behind the Turkish Maoist Parties and to curry favour with those (regarding this see further below) is literally of symbolic meaning. The Hammer and Sickle which they took after their foundation as so-called “Jugendwiderstand” is also a hotchpotch stolen together from the ICM. Instead of distancing themselves from the Maoists in the FRG (lacking criticism does not help) they mixed parts of the Hammer and Sickle which were taken from the Communist Party of Peru (CPP) with parts of the Hammer and Sickle of TCP/ML and MCP (see image). A symbol was create which is not distinctly different to the one of the CPP on first sight. Only by looking closer and with some knowledge of the ICM this attempted fraud is unravelled. It is well suited, in order to profit from the prestige of others and to cause confusion internationally and nationally on first sight.


We take note: The right liquidators do not got a line of their own. They do not have a line for the revolution in the FRG. The do not have an international line, no line of construction, no military line. They got standpoints but are incapable to summarise and systematise their own trash. What is left as a unifying factor is solely their effort to liquidate the struggle for the reconstitution of the CPG.

5. The patriarchal character of “Jugendwiderstand” and the liquidation of the Red Women s Committee Berlin


In the course of their dark deeds, the gang of right liquidators temporarily liquidated the Red Women’s Committee Berlin. This act is a crime, directed against the female masses. After breaking with the proletarian revolutionaries, the right liquidators started to traffic with proletarian feminism in a harmful way and to castrate it. By doing so, they spread confusion among masses.

We are delighted about the successful struggle for the reconstitution of the Red Women’s Committee Berlin which culminated on the 8th of March this year. The correct application of proletarian feminism as part of the ideology of the proletariat is a guarantee for the politicization, mobilization and organization of women for the revolution as a combatant and especially as a leader in struggle for political power, not as a decoration or passive beneficiary. The issue of the correct application of proletarian feminism is also a demarcation line against revisionism.

The development this gang is undergoing very clearly illustrates: The more they stray from Marxism, the smaller the numbers of women taking part in their activities. The initially existing (eventhough limited) understanding of the role of the woman was the only thing they took from the Maoists in the FRG. With some examples we want to illustrate what they have made of it.

For 8 thof March 2015 they published a leafletunder the title “No Sluts, No Saints – We Are Revolutionaries!”

Apart from the already mentionedproblems, new onesarise here. In this leaflet they call for “all women”to be “brave”. All women also includes women from the bourgeoisie. In ajointleaflet of the Red Women’s Committees from Vienna and Hamburg for the 8thof March 2016, it is expressed correctly: “In the current human panorama, humans are rather divided by class than by sex. Not all women can fight together. The true struggle for liberation can only be fought out by the daughters of the people together with the proletariat and under the leadership of its vanguard, that applies to every revolution and every country.”. Calling upon the women to be “brave” implies, that they usually are not, and are rather afraid to fight for their emancipation and would not welcome it – simply nonsense.

 keine schampen


Furthermore they try to explain the meaning of 8th March. They twist some historical facts and try to present the 8th of March, which they themselves call “Frauenkampftag”35, as a mere holiday with no fighting, but celebrations instead. The absurdity of this seems to be lost on them until today.

Under the titleHierzulande36 their hugely wrong comprehension of the double oppression and exploitation of woman can be found. According to this leaflet domestic obligations or a possible pregnancy are the cause for the miserable labour conditions women have to suffer. Finally the question “Is equality of men and women in this current social order what we want?” is asked. Hence, this is made seemingly, according to the imagination of the right liquidators, possible. The systematic submission of woman to man, the patriarchy, is not mentioned in these explanations. It is merely existing as “a part of the contradiction between bourgeoisie and proletariat”. In consequence, after solving this contradiction by means of the proletarian revolution and the proletarian dictatorship is established, there are only a few juristic adjustments to be done. That men often are patriarchal pigs or at least benefit from their role, is not mentioned. With this the right liquidators explicitly stand against the credo of Marxism „In the family he is the bourgeois, the women represents the proletariat.” , as stated by Frederick Engels. This statement also contains the necessity of women having to fight in their struggle for emancipation also, and especially so, against men and their ruling social position.

A few more words in regards to the title of this botch: Marxists do not have a problem with sluts, whores or however they are called. A prostitute is selling her body, similar to other workers selling their work time and (to a certain degree) also their body. Of cause, she is not doing so by her free will, but forced by her class affiliation. She prostitutes herself like the Huachafita, who marries a man from the ruling class – or a higher class or orderwith the difference that the prostitute names a price upfront and is exposed to a higher level of “moral” judgement. Like Lenin said to Clara Zetkin: “They are, unfortunately, doubly sacrificed by bourgeois society. First, by its accursed property system, and, secondly, by its accursed moral hypocrisy. That is obvious. Only he who is brutal or short-sighted can forget it.37 We know at least about one country in Latin America in which work with prostitutes is being developed and positive experiences are gained.

In another emission – a “Declaration” for the 8thof March this year – of the so-called “AufbauKomitee, which as faras we know, is almostonly active on the internet and was not at once brave enough to appear internationally or in front of the Maoists of the FRG in persona, proveswhat has already been established: The right liquidators are unable to develop a lineof their own, but instead they are copying and doing a bad job atit. Let us put aside the cacophony of the both documents which were published in a short period of time through the Facebook-channel of the so-called “Jugendwiderstand”, and focus on a central element, which both have in common. It deals with the issue at heart of proletarian feminism: The necessity of developing women to proletarian leaders. It is not mentioned in both of the documents. Also other key questions, like the struggle against the pseudo-theory of the “inferior female nature” and the apolitism of women, common to society and specifically promoted, simply do not exist inthe eyes of the right liquidators.

The next two pictures clearly illustrate, how the issue of revolutionary violence is something belonging only to men, violence as something purely masculine. Women are only decoratively placed along the margin or in the background. Obviously it is was no different at this year’s commemorative event of the working class wrestler Werner Seelenbinder held by them. In the background there is a young woman with short, pink-coloured shorts (and a hooligan shirt) and is allowed to decoratively hold a flag while a man is holding a speech. A job, that cannot be fulfilled by a woman according to the right liquidators. Sports are just a men’s thing. As it is presented to us in another picture on the same occasion, in which some of the men are showing of their naked torsos, while others even achieve to show of their “sick” muscles remaining dressed.

 rot wie blut 2

LLL2017 13

Source above:Youtube channel tak tikka, Source below:

According to this fetish of “aesthetic bodies” we are not su rprised about a report on the head of the gang, that mentions him complaining about female comrades eating at McDonalds to often. Not because it might be unhealthy and could have a bad impact on their fitness, which is absolutely necessary to have as a fighter, but because their “asses” could become “to fat” and therefore unattractive in his opinion.

20479450 1640089686064150 5405599001969060364 n

Decorative in pink shorts; Source: Jugendwiderstand-Facebook

But what do the women, being part of the gang of the right liquidators, think about the raised questions and the role of the woman? In the two line struggle as well as in practice there has always been obvious opposition against crushing the impact of the pseudo-theory of the “inferior female nature” manifesting in the women themselves. The most plain rejection was the statement: first I am a mother, then a wife, then a revolutionary. I can not and do not want to risk something happening to me, because I do not want to do this to my child and I know that my husband is not able to take care of the child himself.

20479579 1640088302730955 446261480168351747 n

Source: Jugendwiderstand-Facebook

Based on a wrong theory, a subsequently wrong practice is developed. In the following, we want to give some examples of how the gang of the right liquidators, while babbling about proletarian feminism, show the absolute opposite in their practice.

During their so-called 8 th of March campaign this year, the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” put up Dazibaos about various female fighters of the proletarian women’s movement. One of the Dazibaos dealt with comrade Chiang Ching. For the picture of this leader of the Communist Party China and a successor of Chairman Mao this gang chose a picture of her during her career as an actress, on which she is made-up and “dressed up”. A picture that was never used by the Chinese Party. But for the right liquidators it does not matter whether or not a woman is a leader of the proletariat, as long as she is nice looking decoration.


Jiang Qing 6

Comrade Chiang Ching as decoration; Source above:

Within the same campaign they painted slogans like “Rapists, we gonna get you!” and “Beat up disco-gropers!”. First of all “Jugendwiderstand” should present, how many rapists and/or disco-gropers they “punished”. Otherwise these slogans are, as usually, only empty rhetoric (more about this, in the chapter on revolutionary violence). The other aspect in which the gang of the right liquidators abandoned proletarian feminism, is their act of playing the guardians of women. No collective solution is proposed at all, quite the opposite. The women should not organise themselves and should not smash the rapists and disco-gropers and the whole patriarchy itself as an organised power, but should be guarded by guys, the patrichars, with their “sick muscles”. But where are those guys, talking so big on the walls of Berlin, when there are popular women constantly attacked and degraded by patriarchal pigs and lumpen? Probably at home or working out at McFit.


Source: Screenshots of Jugendwiderstand-Facebook

But on their own Facebook page the patriarchal bunch is taking the bun. A commentator questions their “male” and “chivalric” ability to put up a fight in a comment to an image and accuses them amongst others of “kicking others in the crotch”. Whereupon a commentator under the pseudonym Christian Minden answers “At most your mother is at our crotch!”. If this person belongs to the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” is of course not possible for us to prove. But this comment was neither removed nor denunciated or simply commented. But they seem to agree with this statement, so they liked the comment after all (see images). Seen in this light, how do they differ from patriarchal Lumpen hanging around train stations of Neukölln38?

Even though this topic is mentioned later in the document in another context, we think it is necessary to mention two things about those calling themselves „Jugendwiderstand Bremen“:

  1. The attempted liquidation in Bremen happened exactly in a moment of progress in the campaign on proletarian feminism and was directed against this campaign.

  2. The former head of the gang “Jugendwiderstand” in Bremen suggested to female masses to prostitute themselves for rich tricks, to get rid of their financial problems and additional even offered protection to them. Furthermore exactly everybody in the “left movement” knows that this guy is a patriarchal pig.

Hence is obvious, that the right liquidators trashed really everything they learned and took from the Maoists in the FRG. They not only degenerated proletarian feminism or switched to another colour of feminism. They turned into a patriarchal gang, in which women, in the best case, serve as decoration, but not as proletarian fighters nor sisters in arms and much less as proletarian leaders.

6. The so-called anti-drug campaign


The idea for a campaign against drugs carried out by the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” emerged from the need to develop a clear analysis and aconsequential attitude towards drugs, which was discussed in various revolutionary organisations in the FRG. Preparatory work for analysing the impact and consequences of drugs was started years ago. The right liquidators, aware of this investigatory work, have – in the failed attempt to take the initiative – published their own “document”39 on this subject in December 2015.

Instead of publishing an analytical, critical document based on sources and investigation that serves the development of the most advanced forces in the masses and the revolutionary movement, in which basic guidelines for dealing with the different drugs by means of a scientific investigation were elaborated, the result, which the right liquidators were able toachieve, is a leaflet full of moral phrases à la “drugs are bad, do not do drugs.”

Drugs are a huge problem of the working class. A problem that has to be handled and fought against differently at different levels. It is not a problem that can be generalized with just a few phrases. On the contrary, the influence of different drugs on the masses and in our structures has to be analysed scientifically and based on this, the consequences are to be drawn in our propaganda and our own structures. If, however, the only quoted sources of a document, especially in such an important question, are lyrics of Dead Prez or B-Lash and in addition even television and shopping (labelled “consumption”) are stirred into the pot, this does not lead to more clarity, but the opposite. This has nothing to do with a critical, scientific or even creative application which is bitterly necessary on this question.

JW Alkohol LLL

jw bremen

Alcohol not a drug?; Source: Jugendwiderstand Facebook

Moreover, for a leaflet addressed to “the class” and especially to the youth, nothing is said to one of the most urgent questions: alcohol. What is the assessment? What does this mean for us and our mass work? These are questions whose analysis and responses would be relevant to a youth organization, but could also lead to the necessity of a change in their own behaviour and a position that is not as simple to defend as the phrase “drugs are bad”. As a youth organization, which is mainly addressing the youth, the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” seems to have come to the conclusion, as the pictures published on the Facebook account show, that the determined “struggle against drugs” is not in contradiction to using photos of alcohol-drinking activists in their propaganda again and again.

th1Always something at hand? Source: Jugendwiderstand Facebook

7. On the question of revolutionary violence


The question of revolutionary violence includes the acknowledgement of the necessity of revolutionary violence as the “midwife of every old society pregnant with a new one.”40

As well as the comprehension: The seizure of power by armed force, the settlement of the issue by war, is the central task and the highest form of revolution. This Marxist-Leninist principle of revolution holds good universally, for China and for all other countries.”41


The "Crew", Source:

Without revolutionary violence there can be no seizure of power by the proletariat as part of the world revolution, no dictatorship of the proletariat and no proletarian cultural revolutions. Without revolutionary violence humankind will not reach communism.

We are of the opinion, that the question of revolutionary violence as well as the question of the revolutionary youth movement are explained in great detail in the article “Bildet Banden?”42 within the 10th issue of Klassenstandpunkt.

The issue of the right liquidators to regard and apply revolutionary violence as something solely male and how this has nothing in common with the Marxist principal of revolutionary violence, we already discussed above. Furthermore it becomes abundantly clear that under no circumstances they can be considered as a threat for German imperialism. Their understanding of violence coincides rather with that of a gang of pubescent boys. In their case the term Machismo is – for once – fitting well. The filename “crew”, given to the image listed below, taken to promote the “Founding Congress” of the so-called “Jugendwiderstand”, and distributed by means of their Facebook account, emphasizes this fact.

This impression is not altered if one waves around with “finger pistols” in videos or pocketknives in front of others, rather the opposite is true. All this further decreases the seriousness of the matter.

bremen bier gang

rot wie blut 3

The finger pistol always, always at the ready; Source above: Jugendwiderstand-Facebook, Source below: Youtube channel tak tikka

Furthermore there are the declamations made on walls, propagating acts of violence against partially harmless people like the so called “Hipsters”. After all, what is the problem of the so-called “Hipsters” studied from a proletarian standpoint? Is it a problem, when people – especially the youth – indulge in a petite-bourgeois individualist trend and lifestyle? Yes, in general certainly. But do they become sworn counterrevolutionaries that can be only dealt with by means of the strongest administrative punishments in the form of physical violence? Certainly not.

“We are confronted with two types of social contradictions - those between ourselves and the enemy and those among the people. The two are totally different in nature.“43

“Since they are different in nature, the contradictions between ourselves and the enemy and the contradictions among the people must be resolved by different methods. To put it briefly, the former entail drawing a clear distinction between ourselves and the enemy, and the latter entail drawing a clear distinction between right and wrong.“44

With absolute certainty that matter of youths following such a trend can not be classified as a contradictions between ourselves and the enemy, but as a contradictions among the people. Hence it must be handled through non-antagonistic means. Or as Chairman Mao put it:

“In advocating freedom with leadership and democracy under centralized guidance, we in no way mean that coercive measures should be taken to settle ideological questions or questions involving the distinction between right and wrong among the people. All attempts to use administrative orders or coercive measures to settle ideological questions or questions of right and wrong are not only ineffective but harmful.“45

This style of propagating violence in order to defame a group of mostly youths and to hit them “in the teeth” is because of those reasons simply madness. And especially not revolutionary but, on the contrary, counterrevolutionary because it places the communists (due to the activities of wannabees like the so-called “Jugendwiderstand”) in a seemingly antagonistic contradiction in regards to a part of the masses.



hipster 1

hipster boxen

Source: Jugendwiderstand-Facebook

But, almost more importantly, these declamations of violence remain empty rhetoric as long as they are not realized in actions. The very same - empty rhetoric and no actions – became evident after their call to punish the fascist, who urinated on children in Berlins circular railway. Along the lines of: We recognized the problem, so please, someone else put his neck on the line and deal with this issue. This matter becomes further pathetic when it comes to the promises this gang allegedly gave to the class. They promised, they even vowed, “Vengeance for Thälmann” and “all martyrs of our movement”46. Revolutionary vengeance will be had, even thought it may be late, but it will be had. This would be correct. But its the same as it is in regards to the rapist- and groper-slogans we cited earlier. So please, they shall present how many Nazis they punished for the death of comrade Ernst Thälmann. Or are those again only empty rhetoric? Furthermore tourists become time and time again target of the propaganda of the so-called “Jugendwiderstand”, without anyone ever explaining the problem with them and especially why they should be a target for communists47. But the slogan “antitourista” they so much like to use, is probably anyway only an attempt to sidle up with some lumpen-rapper in Berlin (by now it should be superfluous to mention that no actions against tourists were ever taken after those declamations).



Source: Jugendwiderstand-Facebook

The only physical confrontation ever seen and reported on, was the one with RIO on New Year’s Eve 2016/2017. Trotskyists are degenerated elements that neither act in the interest of the people nor the proletariat and who, whenever they gain influence, do so on the side of the counterrevolution. Concerning the handling of Trotskyists the ICM has shown us what is to be done and ideologically these people are already defeated. But defeating a totally inferior enemy is nothing one would brag about afterwards. Its like a boy from high school is bragging, how he defeated this first grader sitting in a wheelchair on the school yard. However, this matter was of such a great importance for the right liquidators that they even published their declaration on some news portals with international aspirations48. If they really mean the label “paradise bird alike” - frequently used to label transvestites or stereotypical gays – they attributed to one of the leading Trotskyists within their declaration as such, they have to explain themselves49.

In their call to the G20 protests this year, the gang of right liquidators said that it would be the “duty of every proud working class youth to give it all on this weekend”50. In their poorly made replica of the call made by the Anti-Imperialist League, they also talk about keeping all that (referencing the oppression by the imperialists, the same as it is done in the call by the League) in mind “when facing the FRG cops in Hamburg”51. But where have they been in the protests against the G20? On holidays in northern Europe? And when the fighting is done, they declare the masses that actually participated in the struggles against the cops to be “(governmental) provocateurs, imbeciles, nihilists, reactionaries and other enemies of the masses”52. More about this matter is written in the 14th of Klassenstandpunkt.

According to Marxism, theory must be proven in practice. The words of the communists must be in accordance with their actions. Those talking about revolutionary violence also have to apply revolutionary violence, especially if one, like the right liquidator,has to love and honour revolutionary violence”53. They substitute revolutionary violence in favour of a reactionary, lumpen- and gang-like violence. Their promises to the class and “the people” turn to dust when they talk about remaining firm “when the reaction opens fire on us”54 and they being not even capable to raise their flag when facing the cops. They talk about raising “soldiers”55 and “worriers”56, but their bunch has never even given any proof for the application of revolutionary violence. They even go so far as to attack sympathetic photographers alongside their demonstration57.

Their gang-like characters is becomes even more obvious, when taking a look at the general politics of the right liquidators, especially at their slogans. What is the significance of slogans for communists? Slogans are the concentrated expression of politics. When it comes to the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” sexuality seemingly now must have become a vital issue in their politics. Everything is supposed to be “fucked”, be it the FRG, the USA58, Israel, the system or the newspaper Bild. Although one of their actions with this slogan attracted the attention of the bourgeois press, all it has done was to highlight their gang character. For a bunch of unorganized masses it obviously is a whole different story to write something like that and so express their rejection of Imperialism, the bourgeois state or something similar. But for communists such a slogan can surely not be a means of propaganda. Just imagine the Communist Party of Germany under Ernst Thälmann using “Fuck the fascists” as their slogan. What influence should they have gained in the working class masses by doing so?



Source: Jugendwiderstand-Facebook

The whole lumpen-like gang appearance of the right liquidators by now already influenced their own potential for mobilizing, as could be observed in their 13 o’clock demonstration on the 1st of May (more on the character of this demonstration further below). In the year 2016, due to their own account, 300 participants took part in their first demonstration of this kind (although the number of participates is highly questionable when reviewing unedited video footage). Then there has been the confrontation with RIO in the beginning of the year and so the number of participants dwindled to 200-250 this year (the number varies in their own report). Additionally those numbers could only be achieved, because the right liquidators replenished the empty ranks with Arabic reactionaries, who – among other slogans – continuously shouted “Tek bir” (Turkish for “There’s only one [God]”) and “Allah Akbar”59.

In August of this year the anarchists eventually also published a statement on the Platform “Linksunten60, a platform which since then has sadly been taken down by the German government. They describe how the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” not only damaged anarchist propaganda in Neukölln but also directly threatened individual anarchists. In their report the anarchists assess the situation as follows: “… that there is no lack of targets and problems in Berlin, makes the whole situation even more absurd”61. And they are right about this. But even though we naturally oppose anarchism and ideologically struggle against it, the authors have a point. Instead of building the anti-imperialist front, in which one can under specific circumstances also work together with trotskyist, anarchist or different other forces, the right liquidators start squabbles with everyone they stumble (probably over their own sneakers) upon – be it the trotzkyists, anarchists, hipsters, tourists or nerds62 – and thus only serve their gang culture. Hence they reject and target every “Lifestyle” or trend not befitting their patriarchal image. Rather then the class standpoint of the people, the subculture is made the deciding factor. Additionally they achieve to discredit the Maoist forces in the FRG and once again confirm their counterrevolutionary role. Considering the three instruments of revolution, by their doing, they not only achieve to negate the party, but also the front. The question of the second instruments is rather unnecessary to be further discussed in the light of these considerations. It is not for nothing called concentric construction.


Without women, but with Hooligan-Outfit instead: “Jugendwiderstand”, Source: Jugendwiderstand-Facebook

“Neukölln is ours”

Some facts in regard to Berlins district Neukölln: “Heroin is being dealt. In the hallways junkies shoot up, used needles scatter the floor, the area is full of garbage: Surrounding the railway station Neukölln [...]”63

All the time comrades in Neukölln receive reports on attempts at intimidation and increasingly huge series of attacks by fascists in Neukölln. Many of those attacks are arson attacks or stones thrown against antifascist localities or persons. For the right liquidators however, those attacks by the fascists can be discarded easily “as an expression of their [the fascists] political-organizational weakness”64 and hence present no problem for the masses in “their” district.

20170103 234027 1483980714 768x432

Everything under control? Picture from the streets of Neukölln

The organized criminality, often directly organized by the state itself, is so widely spread, that open skirmishes between opposing gangs take place on a regular basis. The district of Neukölln has been awarded the title of filthiest and dirtiest district of Berlin. In the local weekly newspapers the CDU65 is calling on the “citizens” to snitch on their neighbours and of cause also the usage of camera surveillance should be increased. In some parts of Neukölln the police is as blatantly and intrusively present as in no other area of Berlin. On railway stations like Hermannstraße or Neukölln ticket inspections are only carried out when supported by a massive police presence. Lumpen spit on children or kick women down the stations staircases.

In this district, one group of youths asserts to have some claim to power without grasping even the slightest notion of the Marxist principal of revolutionary violence, let alone its application or being in any form a threat for the state, the fascists, the criminality or the lumpen. They exists in a self-created illusory reality that has nothing in common with the actual problems of this district.

8. On “Jugendwiderstand Bremen”


On the 12th of December 2016 a “Founding declaration of a basic unit of Jugendwiderstand in Bremen” was published on the Facebook presence of the right liquidators. In the first paragraph of this text a very true statement is being made: “[…] for Bremen it is a relevant step in regards to the developments of the revolutionary movement in this hanseatic city.”66

Why is this statement true? Not because the “basic unit” of right liquidationism will develop the revolutionary movement in the hanseatic city of Bremen, but because this development is is in fact a relevant matter for the revolutionary movement and the revolutionary comrades in Bremen. It very clearly reveals the methods used by right liquidationism in the attempt to weaken the revolutionary movement in the FRG, in this case in Bremen, and to fight against the work towards the reconstitution of the Communist Party in the FRG.

The revolutionary movement in Bremen realized a great leap in their development in the beginning of the year 2016, which was expressed in mobilizations for country wide demonstrations and actions, but also in demonstrations, manifestations and other actions in the working class districts of Bremen itself. The comrades in Bremen developed and supported important campaigns, such as the campaign against the oppression of women, the campaign in support of the People’s War in India or against the Olympics in Brazil – all of them campaigns with countrywide mobilizations and actions.

These developments of the revolutionary movement, which have been supported by Maoist forces and joint work was established, led to the activities in Bremen having resonance on a countrywide scale. The limitations of the comrades in Bremen however led to circumstances that allowed for an attack by the right liquidators on this development. The comrades themselves assessed the shortcomings of the circle spiritand the theoretical development and established that this provided the right liquidators with a target.

What the right liquidators now call “basic unit of Jugendwiderstand in Bremen” is simply a split of an organization of revolutionary comrades. It is principally one person that in the past repeatedly violated organizational discipline and the principals of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and by means of intrigues and fleeing from two line struggle build this “basic unit” under the leadership of the right liquidators.

The comrades explained the factionalism and entryism the right liquidators applied. The Head in Bremen and the Head of the gang of right liquidators in Berlin were in contact with one-another by means of Signal and Facebook Chats, which is a serious breach of democratic centralism, as described by Lenin in “Letter to a Comrade”.

We must centralise the leadership of the movement. We must also (and for that very reason, since without information centralisation is impossible) as far as possible decentralise responsibility to the Party on the part of its individual members, of every participant in its work, and of every circle belonging to or associated with the Party.”67

The Head in Bremen never reported on those chats, he even denied they had been made from his device, and the issue was only uncovered because it was decided to check his phone. So, because of the activities of the right liquidators, there had been a certain period without control. Additionally, communication via smartphone is forbidden within the Bremen comrades and his phone also had been in the hands of the cops sometime in the past.

From reading the chats it could be established, that the traitor received orders from the gang leader of the right liquidators. The orders came following detailed reports of clandestine organized meetings with other revolutionary organizations. The Head in Bremen and the Head of the right liquidators knowingly endangered comrades. They communicated structures by means potentially observed by the government. Dates, times, places and topics. This is such a degree of irresponsibility there is no explanation other then total ignorance and ill will towards the comrades.

The traitor in Bremen was supposed to be confronted with criticism for his breach of discipline. He evaded this by complaining that he would be mentally incapable to face such a criticism. He would be psychotic and would break down if faced with criticism. This was complied with and measures were taken.

The comrades now regard this as a mistake. It had been ill-conceived consideration for the sensitivities of a traitor. Instead, the principals should have been insisted upon. There had been a lack of vigilance. His rotten revisionist character should have been exposed in front of all the masses.

Afterwards the Head in Bremen took advantage from every accidental meeting with the “wavering” elements, in order to convince them “Jugendwiderstand” would incarnate Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in contrast to the comrades, who would supposedly follow a “radical left Gegenstandpunkt 68 line”.

Additionally he proclaimed, that the proletarian-feminist campaign would be a great mistake, because the family would be an idyll which should not be trashed for the sake of the woman and that one should not babble about such topics of super structure.

During meetings the Head in Bremen assured time and time again, he would be opposing factional work. But what is it then, if one is fleeing from criticism and self-criticism, not partaking in the organizational two line struggle but instead privately blabbering to those, one believes to be wavering?

“The Party as the embodiment of unity of will, unity incompatible with the existence of factions. The achievement and maintenance of the dictatorship of the proletariat is impossible without a party which is strong by reason of its solidarity and iron discipline. But iron discipline in the Party is inconceivable without unity of will, without complete and absolute unity of action on the part of all members of the Party. This does not mean, of course, that the possibility of conflicts of opinion within the Party is thereby precluded. On the contrary, iron discipline does not preclude but presupposes criticism and conflict of opinion within the Party. Least of all does it mean that discipline must be ‘blind.’ On the contrary, iron discipline does not preclude but presupposes conscious and voluntary submission, for only conscious discipline can be truly iron discipline. But after a conflict of opinion has been closed, after criticism has been exhausted and a decision has been arrived at, unity of will and unity of action of all Party members are the necessary conditions without which neither Party unity nor iron discipline in the Party is conceivable.”69

For weeks the Head in Bremen held meetings with a leading comrade and another comrade, formerly organized on mass level. This have been the meetings of the Jugendwiderstand-Group in Bremen. He further attempted to win over close affiliates of the comrades in other cities for the so-called “Jugendwiderstand”. He attempted to destroy he organization.

The individual that realized the liquidatory work of “Jugendwiderstand” in Bremen further confirmed his existence as the filthiest lump that had been in the ranks of the comrades. Because of that, the revolutionary comrades from Bremen reported, he is no longer able to walk the streets of Bremen without being ambushed and hence he fled to the right liquidators in Berlin.

The so-called “Jugendwiderstand” refused any form of official communication requests. Instead they picked the most degenerated bourgeois individualist they could find within the ranks of the comrades in order to turn him, to found a fraction within the organization, to split and to corrupt the mass work.

The comrades from Bremen recognized the character of the right liquidators, as summarizing the standpoints of the rightest parts of their masses, as trying to evade two line struggle as far as possible and as instead attempting to bind their people together by means of friendship, cultural actives and shared experiences. They are no contribution for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany. They are one of the biggest obstacles for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany.

Further, it is befitting who (or rather what) they now have gathered around themselves in Bremen. A gang of patriarchal lumpen, to undisciplined and to coward for two line struggle, who turned their backs on the organization in the course of the first proletarian-feminist campaign, under the leadership of the filthiest lump. But maybe it is of no interest if a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice?

The split and the attempted liquidation in Bremen were the last opportunity for gang of right liquidators to work against the development of the revolutionary movement in Bremen in anyway. The accounts made by the right liquidators, to have made a development through the “Foundation of a basic unit”, do not match reality. Quite the opposite is true, this step has been a sign that they are finished. Every revolutionary movement that will advance, will do so marching over the heads of the right liquidators.

Up until now, the only published document made by “Jugendwiderstand Bremen” is their “founding” declaration. Very characteristically there is also a “mob video” being mentioned in its introduction, allegedly showing “Jugendwiderstand Bremen”, as well as this statement in its description:

You are welcome to understand this as a challenge made to the Nazis, anti-Germans and other reactionaries and fascists in Bremen. Dress warmly, because the Bremen Comrades are high on energy.”70

What one can make of such a statement, becomes evident considering the fleeing of the Head of “Jugendwiderstand Bremen” when faced with the attacks, not even by the enumerated reactionaries, but by antifascists or comrades in solidarity with the revolutionary movement in Bremen. As already mentioned in the chapter above: Empty rhetoric, no actions.

It remains to say, that the attempt made by the right liquidators in order to weaken the revolutionary movement in Bremen and to hamper its development is a stillbirth. Furthermore it is also an expression of the enormous development that this attack could be withstood without losses. Not a single person from the masses was lost. Quite the opposite is true, comrades who opposed the Head in Bremen found their way back to the organization.

The consecutive developments since – like the fleeing of the lump from Bremen – indicate, that their “basic unit” will be short-lived. The few masses the lump was able to gather around himself, he already betrayed so far that they themselves turn their backs on him. The simple fact that he himself is not longer in Bremen is a clear sign how soon this stillbirth will end up on the garbage pile of history.

9. Proletarian internationalism or opportunism


This is a topic the right liquidators frequently use in their propaganda, in order to convey the impression of upholding proletarian internationalism. When taking a closer look however at how they use it, it becomes evident, that they do not practice proletarian internationalism but blatant opportunism.

What is proletarian internationalism? Proletarian internationalism is an expression of the understanding of being one class, of fighting in the same war against a common enemy. Consequently it is the task of proletarian internationalism to support the revolution in every country. The highest form of supporting the revolution in another country is to develop the revolution in ones own country. Hence, the best support for the People’s Wars in the world is to initiate the People’s War in ones own country. But in order to support revolution one must also engage in two line struggle. Comrades must be criticized, in order to advance a revolution. Mistakes made by comrades must be criticized so that they can be corrected.

In the current situation there are several campaigns on world level that are an expression of proletarian internationalism, among them the campaign in support of the People’s War in India, that has partially been realized internationally by the “International Committee to Support the People’s War in India”. This committee called for various international days of action in the past. Revolutionary forces from all over the world continuously participated in this campaign with demonstrations, manifestations, meetings, propaganda in the working class districts, frequent news coverage and more.

In January of 2016 a meeting of the ICSPWI was held in the FRG during which (alongside other decisions) a week of action was decided upon and in which, beside parties and organization from Italy, France, Galicia, Turkey, Brazil and the FRG, also the right liquidators took part. During this meeting a lengthy discussion was held regarding the campaign to support of the People’s War in India, concrete plans were formulated to support the campaign in the countries of the participating organizations and two line struggle was waged on the basis on those plans and this campaign. The right liquidators expressed their understanding of proletarian internationalism by limiting their participation in this meeting to a single contribution, a written declaration read aloud, in which they celebrated themselves for supporting the People’s War in India. Even when it came to decisions made by the committee they refrained from taking part and simply declared, they would forward the information back to the organization. The sole contribution of proletarian internationalism made by “Jugendwiderstand” was to present themselves. Not to actually do something. And this illustrates the heart of the matter. The right liquidators only use proletarian internationalism when it suites them. In the case of the People’s War in India they mainly use it in order to split.

Another example in this regard is the campaign against the Olympics in Brazil that was realized by revolutionary forces within the FRG in 2016. Why is it, the right liquidators did not contribute with a single action, a single statement? Why is it, they translate an article by the Brazilian MEPR (Revolutionary Student Movement of the People)71 for their (already mentioned) “anti-drug” campaign, but boycott the campaign against the Olympics in Brazil that was conducted in the FRG and merely copy and paste a translation of a leaflet written by the FRDDP (Revolutionary Front for Defending the People’s Rights), that has been published in German by the League against imperialist aggression – Hamburg, onto their Facebook presence but otherwise totally ignoring the Olympics in Brazil?

Proletarian internationalism is to support the just struggles of comrades. But this is not what the right liquidators actually do. From their point of view documents from Brazil are only relevant, when they serve their own campaigns, but irrelevant when they do not. This is what is used to called opportunism. There are a number of examples one could give in this regard, but henceforth we concentrate on two of them:

The first is how the right liquidators used their so-called proletarian internationalism to exploit the contradictions within the communist movement in Turkey in order to benefit themselves. The preface to the translation of the criticism on the 3rd Party Congress of the Maoist Communist Party made by the Partizan magazine expresses a correct stance on the contradictions of the communist movement in Turkey.72

“The main force in the proletarian world revolution are the oppressed countries of the third world. In those countries the bourgeoisie revolution was not carried to completion by the bourgeoisie and so those countries are semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries, in which bureaucratic capitalism is unfolding and hence the bourgeois revolution of a new type under the leadership of the proletariat, that is to say the democratic revolution, is the order of the day. This is the general standpoint of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Within the International Communist Movement this standpoint has been question on some occasions and it was asserted that imperialism would lead those countries to a higher social stage of development and hence the character of the society and consequently the character of the revolution would have changed. It was asserted, that it is the ‘socialist revolution’ that has to be made in the oppressed countries. Such standpoints started to be propagated in the end of the 90s and the end of the 2000s by the revisionists like the PBSP (the ‘Central Committee’ of Kabir) in Bangladesh and the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line in Peru. Now also comrades from the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan (MCP) defined a line, that asserts that the character of the revolution in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan is currently socialist. Unfortunately the document of the 3rd Party Congress is currently unavailable in any other language than Turkish and hence we can not further develop our own standpoint regarding this document. We are hoping that this situation will change soon and that we will be able to further develop our standpoint on it. Within the communist movement in Turkey the comrades of the Partizan magazine wrote a detailed criticism on the 3rd Party Congress. To our knowledge, this criticism is not available in German, but it can be found online in English on the website In order to develop the discussion on this central topic of the International Communist Movement in the FRG we translated an excerpt of this criticism from English. We nevertheless emphasize that we publish the following text as a contribution for the discussion and not as our statement to this matter. When we get the opportunity to study the entirety of texts produced by the 3rd Party Congress of the MCP we will make our own statement in this matter.”

As already mentioned above, proletarian internationalism is to support the revolution. In the case of Turkey, that is to support the revolution, the People’s War in Turkey, through our work with the comrades of the Turkish communist movement. We consider the Turkish comrades to be in accordance with the words of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and hence also demand any justified criticism:

“If we have shortcomings, we are not afraid to have them pointed out and criticized, because we serve the people. Anyone, no matter who, may point out our shortcomings. If he is right, we will correct them. If what he proposes will benefit the people, we will act upon it.”73

But what kind of declarations do the right liquidators produce when they deal with the Turkish comrades? On occasion of the Kapakkaya Remembrance Celebration on the 14th of May 2016 they held a speech containing many points one could further discuss, but we are going to focus on two of them here, which also relate to the already stated.

Instead of proletarian internationalism this gang practised blatant image cultivation. In five of the nine paragraphs in the text they only talked about themselves, what a remarkable “German revolutionary and anti-imperialist youth organization” they are and so on.

Do they even attempt to develop criticism on a single issue, to advance in two line struggle? No. Even on the question of “Rojava” – regarding which we point towards the document “On the anti-imperialists stance towards the PKK” that was published in the December of 2016 by the website and which we will not further discuss here – there is no expression of criticism. And they do not raise any criticism because they are unaware, quite the opposite is true: “But today his likeness is flying on countless red flags and in the hearts of the combatants of the guerrilla in the mountains as well as in the rebellions and riots in the cities, from Istanbul over Dersim to Diyarbakir and, by now, also in Rojava.” The right liquidators curry favour with the wrong line, which is pure opportunism.

Regarding the exploitation of the contradictions of the communist movement in Turkey we also want to illustrate how this is done in practice by the right liquidators:

At the beginning of the right liquidators efforts to sabotage the development of the revolutionary movement they attempted to make use of their contacts with the migrant organization ATIK74. Those came into being through family ties one of the members of the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” had with a person that was nominated on the ticket of the left party for the state elections in Hamburg in 2014 as a member of ATIK75. In the beginning this relation was so close, that documents made by the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” according to them, were published in the name of ATIK:

We hence publish an article of ours that was published in the magazine ‘Gefangenen Info’76 that is worth reading. Accidentally it says there, that this article was written by ATIK Berlin.”77

Even after this, the right liquidators attempted to realize actions and meetings together with ATIK in Berlin and also send their contact to Hamburg time and time again in order to work with ATIK there. Some examples for activities are the manifestation in solidarity with ATIK and their imprisoned activists on the 18th of April and the manifestation on the 25th of April 2015 regarding “The Armenian Genocide”.

Despite their efforts the right liquidators did not succeed in breaking apart the joint work of proletarian revolutionaries, especially not in the League against imperialist aggression in Hamburg, where, among others, also ATIK and ADHK78 participate.

After failing, they attempted, as already mentioned, to exploit the contradictions within the Communist Movement of Turkey and developed an increasing work with the ADHK association. During which they also participated at demonstrations (18th of March 2016: Demonstration on the day of the political prisoners) and celebrations (19th of June 2016: Joint barbecue of ADHK and “Jugendwiderstand”).

On occasion of a meeting of the youth organization ADGH or SYM on the 28th of March 2016 the right liquidators held another speech, including everything but proletarian internationalism. The same pattern is repeated. Central aspect of the speech is the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” and the FRG. The developments of the revolution in Turkey? Irrelevant! Developing two line struggle and criticism? No place for that! For the right liquidators only their immediate demand is important, they do not have responsibility for the world revolution and they do not want any. In an imperialist country they judge the Turkish Parties by what they are doing here, which is plain pragmatism.

In their work with the two mentioned organizations they also made clear how little they are interested in the developments of the revolution in turkey, which of the Parties in Turkey is continuing on the path of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya. In their declaration dated the 18th of May 201579, when they were closest with ATIK, they wrote:

“[Ibrahim Kaypakkaya] analysed the Turkish class society, fought against revisionism and pacifism, revealed the fascist character of Kemalism and defended the nations right for self-determination and gave Turkey and Northern Kurdistan in such young years the mightiest instrument of revolution, a fighting Communist Party: The TCP/ML, with its Workers and Peasants Liberation Army TIKKO and its Youth League TMLGB.”

In their previously mentioned speech dating the 14th May 2016 however, after deepening the work with ADHK, they say, standing behind a flag of the Maoist Kommunist Party: “Honor and glory to comrade Kaypakkaya and his Party!

Well, which of those parties is the party of Kaypakkaya in the opinion the right liquidators? The TCP/ML or the MCP? Obviously its depending on who they want to curry favour with in the respective moment, in order to benefit themselves.

The second issue was expressed during the Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg demonstration in Berlin on the 8th of January 2017. On this occasion the right liquidators attended with a banner of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, the slogan “People’s War is People’s Peace” written on it. Regarding the slogan the comrades from the Website already explained:

“People’s War is the war of the People. This is the reason for calling it People’s War. War is not peace. The people will only experience lasting peace in Communism. Hence, People’s war until Communism is the correct slogan.”80


Source: Jugendwiderstand – Facebook

This appearance of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines was propagated by the right liquidators as an expression of proletarian internationalism. Its the same “proletarian internationalism” expressed in the attempted reframing of the peace negotiations in the Philippines as a tactical instrument in service of the People’s war, that is being done on the Facebook presence of “Jugendwiderstand”.

The fact that Across 164 municipalities and 43 provinces, the GRP’s armed forces have occupied at least 500 barrios which are within the authority of the revolutionary government81, stated by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPPh) itself, as the result of the period of the most recent peace negotiations, is opposed by their diffuse hope, that the comrades from the Philippines hope to achieve “in the best case […] a positive drift of the circumstances on the democratic battlefield, in the worst case open treachery and a demasking of Duerte” by means of peace negotiations.82

Regarding a video of a demonstration by the NDFP in Manilla, they declare the NDFP would “[express] their will to fight by means of an illegal, clandestinely organized demonstration in the capital and emphasize that only trough People’s War real progress and social change can be made and they call for strengthening their rows.” Unrelated to the actual understanding of Tagalog by the right liquidators, everyone can clearly see that the English slogans on the banners and posters shown at the demonstration express the exact opposite.


Source: Youtube Channel kodao phils opposite

Regarding this question the comrades from published a lengthy document with a very clear stance in this regard83.

The appearance of the NDFP at the demonstration is simply the most recent and most open step in their practice of supporting the infamous work of right liquidationism in Berlin. This is further emphasized, by the message of greeting written by the NDFP towards the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” on occasion of the LLL demonstration, in which they also in the name of the Communist Party of the Philippines say: “We support your efforts to establish and strengthen the links between the revolutionary organizations within Germany and on international level”

This “support” has an obvious goal: To combat the work of the true Maoists, of those communists criticizing the revisionist tendencies within the CPPh and defending the Red Fraction within the International Communist Movement. The support of the right liquidators is not accidental, it is how they are being used as a spearhead of those struggles within the FRG.

Regarding this matter one must also point out the naive notion of the right liquidators in Berlin to believe they could use the Communist Party of the Philippines in order to advance in their own liquidationist work. Those people seriously think they are capable of using a party, active for over 45 years with thousands of armed combatants, for their own interests. Rather the opposite is true.

The examples one could give for the opportunism of the right liquidators are, as already mentioned, numerous. Their opportunism is expressed exactly in what they call proletarian internationalism. If it plays into the right liquidators hands, they publish an article on the Austrian comrade Alfred Klahr84. But such an attempt of trafficking with the Austrian comrades only expresses how little they actually care about him. They do not even make the smallest effort when publishing this document. All they have done was to (slightly) rewrite the introduction written for the printing of Alfred Klahrs Auschwitz-Document in the 11th issue of Klassenstandpunkt and to add numerous flowery phrases.

Additionally the right liquidators link to a PDF document, where one can read the articles of comrade Klahr. Having done so, the discussion on the important question of the German nation is off their mind. On the question of the right liquidators stance regarding chauvinism in the FRG we hint again to the respective chapter within this document. Taking a good look at this example – the attempt at trafficing with proletarian internationalism by simply throwing image and name of the Austrian comrade into the (virtual) space in order to confuse people unaware – one can clearly see, how this is pure revisionism.

This stance is also expressed in the right liquidators style of working. When making a banner to be used for an act of “proletarian internationalism” it usually is a quickly smeared slogan on a white bed sheet. This is how much effort the comrades they supposedly support with their action are worth to them.

10. Greater German chauvinism


In various publications the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” pledges and reaffirms “internationalism” over and over. However this remains to be empty rhetoric, if one is confronted time and time again in their articles and discussions with the same old imperialist chauvinism.

According to reports from comrades from Austria, the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” engaged them into the discussion about Southern Tirol actually being part of the German Nation. Southern Tirol is a province in the North of Italy bordering Austria in which approximately 2/3 of the population speak German. As a German (communist) to talk about the matter that a province of another country should actually being part of Germany is the very same Greater German chauvinism imperialism used in order to legitimize their past wars. Furthermore it is not a question of simply lacking the knowledge of the criteria for the membership to a nation as they refer to them themselves. Obviously they are rather unwilling to accept them and break with their wrong ideas.

Instead of exercising they self-criticism in front of the comrades, which would have been of utmost necessarily considering the historical consequences Greater German chauvinism especially had on the Austrian proletariat, the right liquidators simply published a short text regarding on the vita of Alfred Klahr including a link to some of his articles. But obviously those text were neither studied nor understood. Or maybe there is another reason, why Klahr polemics against the chauvinism of the Germans is hardly mentioned, his analysis regarding the origination of the Austrian and German nations are not cited and the linked documents lack passages like the following resume which has simply been removed from the document linked:

It is obvious to me, that the German comrades will only be capable to fulfil their leadership role towards the working class and the nation in organising the party anew, if the advance in the analysis of the nations past and combine it with a self-critical stance regarding various questions, especially when it comes to the German national question and the struggle against the fascist ideology.”85

Comrade Klahr hit the nail (and the so-called “Jugendwiderstand) square on the head. If “Jugendwiderstand” would even only take a grain of comrade Klahrs words seriously, they could not denounce each and everyone obtaining, burning and trashing German flags, etc. as anti-proletarian petite-bourgeois86. Who is this so-called “Jugendwiderstand” to judge whether one has the right or not to wish death to German imperialism and to destroy their state symbol whenever possible?

““It is my right and duty as a socialist to defend my country if it is invaded by an enemy”, he argues not like a socialist, not like an internationalist, not like a revolutionary proletarian, but like a petty-bourgeois nationalist.87

In the case of the right liquidators declaration they not even speak about an invasion into the FRG but the mere burning of flags, stimulating the so-called “Jugendwiderstand” to proclaim a fierce speech in defence for the patriotic flag-wavers. The right liquidators are at least such enthusiastic defenders of their fatherland, as the traitor of the 2nd International that Lenin dealt with:

Recognition of internationalism in word, and its replacement in deed by petty-bourgeois nationalism and pacifism, in all propaganda, agitation and practical work, is very common [...]. The urgency of the struggle against this evil, against the most deep-rooted petty-bourgeois national prejudices, looms ever larger with the mounting exigency […].88

This question is further clarified in light of the declaration of this gang of right liquidators regarding the bombardment of Dresden published the 16th February 2017 on their Facebook presence, in which they fall in line with the wails of the other German chauvinists on the gruesomeness of the war, a war unleashed by the Germans. The comrades from the Blog “maoistdazibao” clarified in this regard:

Dresden was an important Nazi stronghold. A soviet declaration from 1945 clarifies that Dresden is “a German arsenal, a powder barrel, a source of supply, providing the means for the annihilation of peace-loving people.” In an order issued by the high command of the Red Army Dresden is characterized as “powerful distribution node in Saxony”, because Dresden had been an important railway and logistics centre, and was the biggest city after Berlin and Leipzig on the “eastern front”, a garrison city, where huge amounts of troops were concentrated.89

And “… the historical meaning of Dresdens bombardment [is] not only a matter for the historians …, but in this question one can assess, who capitulated before the German imperialism or even worse, who switches to the side of the enemy.90

The constant talk by the right liquidators about the “eastern front” (as a “just war with lots of casualties“91) is also noteworthy. Eastern front for whom? Surely not for the Soviet Union. So they adopt the perspective and phrases of fascist Germany.

Those not yet satisfied, are welcome to take their own glance at the various reports, declarations, etc. made by the right liquidators. The heavy emphasis on “German” is more then obvious. “We, as German revolutionaries”92, German workers”, We are proud sons and daughters of the German working class”93, Ernst Thälmann the German Bolshevik94, German communists”95 (a phrase especially frequent), “Sons of Germany”96, the best sons and daughters of the German people”97 and similar phrases can be found easily. To put such a great emphasis on the national belonging, especially when the international character of the proletariat or the necessity to serve the world revolution are hardly ever mentioned, and this being an imperialist country, in the end is simply imperialist chauvinism.

11. People and class analysis

“The concept of "the people" varies in content in different countries and in different periods of history in a given country. Take our own country for example. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, all those classes, strata and social groups opposing Japanese aggression came within the category of the people, while the Japanese imperialists, their Chinese collaborators and the pro-Japanese elements were all enemies of the people. During the War of Liberation, the U.S. imperialists and their running dogs - the bureaucrat-capitalists, the landlords and the Kuomintang reactionaries who represented these two classes - were the enemies of the people, while the other classes, strata and social groups, which opposed them, all came within the category of the people. At the present stage, the period of building socialism, the classes, strata and social groups which favour, support and work for the cause of socialist construction all come within the category of the people, while the social forces and groups which resist the socialist revolution and are hostile to or sabotage socialist construction are all enemies of the people.”98

“A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture.It goes without saying that a nation, like every historical phenomenon, is subject to the law of change, has its history, its beginning and end.It must be emphasized that none of the above characteristics taken separately is sufficient to define a nation. More than that, it is sufficient for a single one of these characteristics to be lacking and the nation ceases to be a nation.


It is only when all these characteristics are present together that we have a nation.”99

Those are the correct definitions of the term people and nation and this is how they are being used by the Maoists within the FRG. Opposing this, the right liquidators use these terms without any scientific basis and merely to provoke.

“Year after year vast parts of the bourgeois autonomous and antifa-scene, but also the gross youth organizations of the ruling bourgeois parties like the Green Youth or the JuSos100, now again declare the black-red-golden flag one of their main targets. Their justification once again is their frequently expressed “Anti-Nationalism”, based on an idealistic understanding of the “Nation”. Everyone decorating his balcony with a black-red-golden flag or dressing in a jersey of the DFB national soccer team is considered a nationalist or at least would “reproduce nationalism” and henceforth disturb the cosy atmosphere of the bourgeois antifascist politic circles.”101

Marxists living in the FRG should not disregard the historical background in their usage of terms like people and nation. This also includes the close study of the Auschwitz-Text by Alfred Klahr that can be found, as already mentioned, in the 11th issue of Klassenstandpunkt.

The right liquidators do not use those terms in order to give the masses a proper analysis, but to get some cheap attention from the “Anti”-Germans. More importantly though, is the convergence with Greater German chauvinism.

It is not the cosy atmosphere of the bourgeois antifascist politic circles” that driving them into frenzy, but the attack on their blood and soil and on the imperialist chauvinism in the FRG, that was made once again socially acceptable by the means of the “world cup in our own country”, the “summer’s tale”, the German-national delirium of joy. Because they cherish this reactionary idea, they legitimize and fuel the exact same reactionary tendencies within the masses. Because they indulge in unrestrained opportunism, they would be unable to fight those reactionary tendencies, even if they would choose to do so. But, as described, they do not want to do so anyway.

The Head of the right liquidators points out the direction and this remains to be “national-bolshevism”, that is to say fascism camouflaged with the red flag with hammer and sickle. Hence the damage they cause is tremendous: Within the revolutionary movement Maoists, or at least parts of them, seem not to be the fiercest enemies of German imperialism, but its eager devotees. This is another contribution of the right liquidators in the struggle against the efforts take for the reconstitution of the Communist Party in this country, because the deepest and broadest masses in this country loath this stance from the bottom of their heart.

13. On the persona Thälmann 


Given the fact that the right liquidators, in their public presentation, refer to Ernst Thälmann, we consider it necessary to formulate a few things on the Persona Thälmann.

Thälmann, on the whole, has fulfilled the directives and instructions of the Communist International (CI). He did what he was supposed to do - according to the CI. He was the chairman of the second-largest Communist Party in the world, and yet, as far as the investigation is concerned, he has not produced a single, creative application of Marxism to the conditions in Germany.

It is not bad for a communist to be disciplined, to take part in the international struggle. But it is bad, to not have ensured the principle of self-determination and independence.

If he was not capable of making his own decisions, of creative application in order to solve new problems, he was not the leader the proletariat was in need of. To celebrate a leader, to name him as an example, if this leader has not made a creative application, is madness.

Thälmann was not a revisionist. Thälmann presented great personal courage and dedication. He has also contributed to the proletarian world revolution, but he has not fulfilled his role as leader of the second largest Communist Party in the world.

Under his leadership, the Rote Frontkämpferbund102 was dissolved by state decree. Under his leadership, a party was set up, which could be easily crushed by German fascism.

The German Communists fought in Spain. They fought in the Second World War. In countries such as Yugoslavia and Greece, whole German units of communists and deserters fought as partisans against the Nazis. In France, German Communists were active in the resistance, etc., etc. But they were not capable of leading the armed struggle in Germany, because there was no creative application of Marxism to the concrete conditions of Germany.

Thus Thälmann can not be a leading figure for the proletarian revolutionaries. Thälmann is a symbol of communist history, an example of proletarian discipline because he has subordinated to the CI. He was a defender of Comrade Stalin, but the proletarian revolutionaries can not learn from Thälmann how to make the revolution. It is rather to be learned from him, how not to make it.

At this moment, when the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany is on the agenda, it is not the followers we need, nor the party hostile anarchists (such as Max Hoelz), but the people who understand the needs of the class and the historical moment.

The example we need is that of Rosa Luxemburg. Rosa Luxemburg was an eagle. She had mistakes, but in one aspect she did what the revolution needed. Rosa has constituted our party at the moment when it was necessary and she did so on the right foundation. She met the necessity of the class at the right moment. It was not perfect, but it was what had to be done.

That the right liquidators vehemently stir the drum for blind obedience to a commanders staff, stimulate the German subject mentality, and, at the same time presume dogmatism, to those who argue for the creative application of the highest development of Marxism, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, to the concrete reality in this country, is an absurdity bordering schizophrenia.

14. The attempt to copy the “revolutionary communists”


The main political expression of the “RC” in Berlin were campaigns where they trafficed with the People's Wars and their prisoners on the world and to carry out an annual demonstration, the 13 o'clock demo on the 1st of May.

Various international parties and organizations, including comrades from the FRG, have expressed their views on this subject:

Those today who are nostalgically celebratingthe days when the ‘CoRIM Party’ - as the supporters of Avakian inside the RIM were known – was on its way, are nostalgic regarding revisionism. It is no coincidence that in countries where communists are emerging to solve the pending task of the reconstitution of the Communist Parties, the right liquidationism tends to raise the tail and idolize the right within the RIM; even the haggling with the People’s Wars in the world is a copy and retrace of what the RCP/USA did.”103

Thus the Maoists in the FRG on the international level led the two-line struggle with the right liquidators

In 2016 there was again a “13 o’clock demonstration” on the 1st of May in Berlin. This demonstration was organized mainly by the right liquidators. Propaganda materials recall the past days, before the decline of the avakianists in the FRG into the insignificance. In connection with the demonstration, the right liquidatorswrote of “the tradition of the revolutionary 13 o’clock demonstration”104 and a demonstration “in the spirit of the historic, revolutionary 13 o’clock demonstration”105. This means, in the tradition and the spirit of the “revolutionary communists”, and that means in the tradition and spirit of avakianism at a time when it had not yet shown itselfso openly as the enemy of the international proletariat.

But not only in relation to the 1st of May, convergence with Avakian revisionism can be seen. In December 2015, an article on drugs, which is not more than a translation of the article on drugs of the RCP/USA, appeared on the Facebook page of the right liquidators.

There is a demand in Berlin for the 13 o’clock demo on 1st of May, this fact is shamelessly exploited by the right liquidators. Through a flirt with the RCP by first translating their articles and then optically creating an enormous similarity in the propaganda for the said demonstration they assume permission for it. But ultimately they will reap only hatred and ridicule, as Avakian revisionism has already shown its ugly face with its attacks on the Red Fraction in the ICM. What the gang of right liquidators is doing, is to take the experiences of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), only the bad ones though, and use them for development of their practice. In addition to the increasingly open tendency towards “national bolshevism” and its function as an appendage and spearhead of revisionism in the ICM, this is the third possibility of an exit which open to the right liquidators.

15. On two line struggle  


On the part of the right liquidators the claim is raised, they would have tried to develop the two line struggle, but the proletarian revolutionaries would have denied it. We want to get to the bottom of this claim and expose this lie.

The right liquidators, however, have carried out a split. They have done so, as we have already described, in order to escape the disputes within the organization, and, primarily, to liquidate the efforts to reconstitute the Communist Party, and they have never publicly explained why they found the split to be necessary. The latter is, however, the minimum requirement for those who carry out a split. But nothing came from them.

We do not know what they say in the “seminars” they have non-publicly organized, but we see an attempt at speculation within the two line struggle in the ICM. It is known that there are certain differences between some comrades and comrades in the FRG. Some comrades published a document last year criticizing the Maoists in the FRG for a dogmatic application of Peruvian experiences. The right liquidators have wholehearedly accepted this and palavered about “dogmato-gonzalism” in their publications. We disagree with the position of the comrades mentioned above, but it is a necessary argument in the struggle between comrades. In the case of the gang of right liquidators, the matter is different, because the heart of the matter is not the desire to advance the two line struggle, but pure destructiveness. It is just another black attack on the correct and legitimate leadership of the proletarian revolutionaries in the FRG. We have already presented Mariátegui’s position on questions of authority, and we would like to underline this by Friedrich Engels:

“All Socialists are agreed that the political state, and with it political authority, will disappear as a result of the coming social revolution, that is, that public functions will lose their political character and will be transformed into the simple administrative functions of watching over the true interests of society. But the anti-authoritarians demand that the political state be abolished at one stroke, even before the social conditions that gave birth to it have been destroyed. They demand that the first act of the social revolution shall be the abolition of authority. Have these gentlemen ever seen a revolution? A revolution is certainly the most authoritarian thing there is; it is the act whereby one part of the population imposes its will upon the other part by means of rifles, bayonets and cannon — authoritarian means, if such there be at all; and if the victorious party does not want to have fought in vain, it must maintain this rule by means of the terror which its arms inspire in the reactionists. Would the Paris Commune have lasted a single day if it had not made use of this authority of the armed people against the bourgeois? Should we not, on the contrary, reproach it for not having used it freely enough? Therefore, either one of two things: either the anti-authoritarians don’t know what they’re talking about, in which case they are creating nothing but confusion; or they do know, and in that case they are betraying the movement of the proletariat. In either case they serve the reaction.106

The right liquidators resemble cockroaches in questions of the two line struggle. If one turns on the light, they run away and hide. They behave like this because they were always beaten in two line struggle.

They held an event about the People’s War in India in the “Lunte” and allowed no discussion afterwards. They did an event at the “Café Commune” with people from Canada. There the proletarian revolutionaries tried to take up the struggle. The right liquidators reacted with panic. They howled like dogs. They got upset that they were confronted with their wickedness in public. Finally, a letter was issued in which a house ban was issued for their events.

In short, they split and therefore they have to present a criticism that justifies this, and can not prescribe the proletarian revolutionaries to organize the two line struggle differently, according to their gusto.

16. Conclusion 


The principles of Marxism are the same everywhere in the world. There is only one type of Communist and only one type of the Communist Party. The possibility, that there are those who lead the People’s War and those who do not, does not exist. The communists are the avantgarde in their respective countries. There are no “exceptional forms”, especially none operating legally in the imperialist countries.

In light of the necessity of the reconstitution of the CPG, the right liquidators can be considered a pseudo-radical circle, to impotent to fulfil the tasks. What they can do, is to parrot the proletarian revolutionaries and imitate it. They mix this with their conservative and reactionary views, as well as the blackest, crudest attacks against the proletarian revolutionaries, functioning as a spearhead of revisionism against the communists.

They exist in a swamp and they feel comfortable there. They spread disgusting chauvinism and a patriarchal lumpen-attitude. They try to create confusion within the revolutionary movement, but have long since taken their leave of it. Their phrases, which they trumpet into the world through their “construction committee”, can not disguise the fact that they will never be able to initiate and develop the People’sWar in this country. Or how is it explainable that they are talking about the fact that their “organization (...) is an illegal and clandestine working”107, but publicises their people in bad hip-hop videos.

The iron legions of the proletarian revolution will inevitably march over the heads of these cowardly renegades. They will not be able to run away forever. Their downfall is inevitable, however the perspectives of our class and our party, of the Party to be reconstituted, the glorious Communist Party of Germany, as a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo-Thought militarized party, are brilliant.

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