The new Federal Minister of Defence, Christine Lambrecht (SPD), has two new plans for the Bundeswehr. First, she plans to buy new F-18 fighter jets from the United States for the Bundeswehr's Tornado fleet. She had already discussed this project with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and several review commissions had been initiated, which are now to finally examine alternatives as to how the air fleet of the German Armed Forces can best be strengthened. However, the purchase of this model has another purpose. For example, the purchase of the model from the USA is to enable so-called nuclear sharing for German imperialism. For NATO's nuclear deterrence concept provides for participation in US nuclear weapons by allies if certain conditions are met. Already in the coalition agreement, the new "Ampel" government wrote: "We will accompany the procurement and certification process with a view to Germany's nuclear participation objectively and conscientiously."

In addition, the coalition agreement decided to allow the use of armed drones. The justification for this was, of course, the protection of Germany's own soldiers, who could thus be protected from possible hostilities.

drohne fürbundeswehr2022

What is becoming apparent is that the German imperialists are also making more and more preparations for a possible war. They are arming, not for fun or for a relative show of strength, but for the real thing. War is not far off, for the contradictions between the different imperialists are coming to a head and a new division of the earth is drawing closer.