While the Ampel government at EU and federal level is pushing ahead the reactionarization of the bourgeois state in its fight to seal off "Fortress Europe" and combat refugees, a 38-strong network of smugglers from bourgeois political circles has been exposed in NRW. This network has specialized in smuggling members of the Chinese bourgeoisie in particular to Germany and Europe.

For years, two lawyers are said to have built up a network to "facilitate" the migration of 147 wealthy, predominantly Chinese clients under the guise of recruiting skilled workers. The lawyers accomplished this through fictitious employment contracts with bogus companies set up specifically for this purpose, including falsified wage payments and bogus residences. In return, the mafiosi received a whopping 9 million euros from their bourgeois clients.

What is particularly controversial is that the masterminds of the smuggling network are said to be primarily people from the North Rhine-Westphalian CDU. The lawyer Claus Brockhaus, who is in custody and is accused of being one of the two main people responsible for the criminal network, has been a member of the Christian Democrats since 1999. Brockhaus, together with other suspects in the smuggling network, is alleged to have transferred a total of 52,500 euros to district associations and other organs of the CDU-NRW through eight individual donations. This is according to the party's spokesperson in North Rhine-Westphalia. According to information from Westdeutscher Rundfunk, in exchange for the donations, a CDU politician in the Rhine-Erft district allegedly took measures to arrange that the immigration authorities issue residence permits to the wealthy clients of the smuggling network without causing any problems.


Partners in Crime: Brockhaus, Bröcker, a Chinese actress and a CDU district councilor

Among the accused is the former CDU district administrator of the Rhine-Erft district, Werner Stump, who also made his hotel available for meetings of the criminal network and was involved in real estate transactions with Brockhaus. In the district of Düren, the SPD politician Jens Bröker was, according to WDR information, involved in his role as head of the department for change and development, inducing the local immigration authorities to grant the gentlemen Bourgeois from China residence in the FRG. In return for a tidy bribe of 300,000 euros.

The fact that criminal deals for profit-making are commonplace within the bourgeois parties in particular and the bourgeoisie in general is nothing new, at least since the Cum-Ex affair surrounding gangster Chancellor Scholz. What is interesting here is how anti-foreigner and deportation campaigners do not hesitate to smuggle rich clients into Germany illegally if it serves their personal interests.

It is the same Party members who are responsible that the EU, under the leadership of the FRG, builds concentration camps for refugees in EU Third States or finances murder gangs like the "Libyan Coast Guard" to prevent people from oppressed nations from escaping the misery and devastation caused by imperialism in their countries. German imperialism is directly responsible for the mass murder that has been committed against refugees in the Mediterranean for decades. In the FRG, refugees are excluded from the most basic rights of bourgeois society and have to use payment cards instead of shopping with money. Immigration authorities throughout Germany have been reporting for months that they are overloaded and allegedly no longer able to process applications. Gangster Chancellor Scholz personally announces the great wave of deportations in "Der Spiegel Magazine".


Raids in the middle of the EU election campaign: an expression of the struggle between the bourgeois parties.

The German bourgeoisie and its political personnel have an instrumental, deeply chauvinistic and corrupt relationship to migration and flight. The Third World should continue to be exploited and remain where it is. The exception is the import of cheap labor for work in the low-wage sector. Apart from that, the omnipresent agitation divides the people in the FRG according to chauvinistic criteria wherever possible. And when representatives of the exploiting classes of other countries knock on the door and pay millions in bribes to come to Germany, the anti-foreigner and anti-deportation campaigners of the bourgeois parties are happy to open their hands and bribe entire authorities to allow them to enter the country.

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