In the last two weeks, forces from the Freiburg police and the federal police have been carried out two large -scale controls in which the Stühlinger Kirchplatz surrounded and numerous of people which where on the square were controled. This two actions by the police was not the first and will not be the last on this place.

The Stühlinger Kirchplatz is a small park in the Stühlinger district, in the near of the city center and the main train station. On the one hand, many students and people from the neighbourhood chill there. On the other hand, there are also a lot of drugs. So far mostly cannabis. An occasion for the police to carry out many racist controls at this place.

According to the Freiburg police, the purpose of the actions is to reduce crimes in and around the Stühlinger Kirchplatz and to attack narcotics crime. If you then look at the results of the two large-scale controls, this goal is at a great distance. At the first controll on April 3rd, there was

During the first controll on April 3rd, a person who had a knife with him was charged with a misdemeanor proceeding, and four people be acused of having dealing in cannabis ( which is now legal to consume). Further criminal proceedings were initiated for embezzlement, insults and violations of the Residence Act, but the police do not give exact figures. The second large-scale control on 10th was again somewhat more successful. After this, two proceedings were actually initiated for possession of amphetamine and ecstasy. In addition, some kind of prescription medication, 200g of hashish and a abandoned bicycle were confiscated. Somewhat more successful than the first check, but far from a big strike against organized crime.

However, these checks were not single actions, they are part of an ongoing annual concept for police activities on Stühlinger Kirchplatz in this year.This means that there will be further large-scale police controlls there in the future. It looks like the police have set themselves the goal of taking stronger actions against organized crime, but the successes they can show are sobering. Personnel and financial resources are being deployed to carry out large-scale operations such as these. The successes that are occasionally achieved in such operations are that individual dealers are arrested and criminal proceedings are initiated against them, but the next day the next dealers are already there. In the best case scenario for those in power, the drug trade is simply displaced to another location and the rich guys can better gentrify the neighborhood. While from time to time, "small fish"who often sell drugs out of poverty, get arrested but the structures of organized crime, are not really affected by such actions. Apparently there is also no real interest by police and state to destroy such structures, and if there were, the police would first have to strike at the Bundestag and arrest the cum ex-criminal and first head of the state Olaf Scholz.

Instead, our taxes are used to finance big police actions, in which public spaces are occupied by police officers who are allowed to give their despotism against the people more and more free rein.  Of course, this also leads to racial profiling on a massive scale, as well as racist insults and police violence. While this does not disrupt the organized crime, the more frequently such actions take place, the more people become accustomed to large-scale police presence and random controls in our neighbourhoods. An effect that helps the state to oppress the people when they rise up.

It is in the interest of every worker to fight against organized crime and the poisoning of the class. However, this will not be done by the police or other pigs of the bourgeois state, but solely by the masses it will be done.


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