In the following we would like to publish a report that we received from the Red League NRW on the actions on March 8th.

On March 8, the International Women's Struggle Day, we as the Red League in North Rhine-Westphalia took part in two demonstrations.

In Cologne, we as the Red League participated with a relatively large, young and combative contingent in the central demonstration on March 8, in which over 1000 demonstrators took part. The demonstration was used by the participants to carry out various actions from within the demonstration and to set off pyrotechnics. As part of the demonstration, we distributed leaflets from the Red Women's Committees for March 8 and raised combative proletarian-feminist slogans against the double oppression of women through wage labor and reproduction with a megaphone together with surrounding demonstrators. Many of the participants expressed their agreement that support for the struggle of the people of Palestine as a struggle against imperialism must be waged together with the struggle against patriarchy and were excited about the demonstration invitations to the Palestine demonstration in Bochum on March 22 at 6 pm at the Schauspielhaus in Bochum.

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In Essen, we participated at 5 pm at Friedensplatz in the city center in a rally and short demonstration of an internationalist demonstration on March 8, in which we carried this year's banner of the Red League NRW with the slogan "Women Struggle and Resist! Out for March 8!" together with a woman with a kuffiayh holding a Red League flag. We also distributed the leaflets of the Red Women's Committees for March 8 and the revolutionary newspaper "Rote Post" among the participants and drew attention to the upcoming demonstration of the Open Palestine Meeting in Bochum, which was euphorically received by many participants.

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After the demonstration, we carried out a mobilization action on a pedestrian bridge in Essen-Altendorf, where we hung up banners to draw attention once again to the International Women's Struggle Day and the demonstration of the Open Palestine Meeting in Bochum.

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