On Monday in the evening, Daniela Klette, a former militant of the Red Army Faction, was arrested by special police units in Berlin. Daniela belonged to the so-called third generation of the RAF and had been on the run with two other RAF members since its dissolution in 1998.

The public prosecutor's office announced yesterday that the person arrested was Daniela Klette. Daniela, now 65, had been on the run since she went underground in the early 1990s. Yesterday, however, she was caught in an apartment in Berlin Kreuzberg, where she lived with a different name. The apartment in Kreuzberg was been rented through another person. The police found a foreign passport and ammunition in this. She has living there for a longer time, but its not known how long. Daniela's neighbors described her as friendly and told journalists from the bourgeois press that she regularly gave math tutoring to children from the neighborhood.

The German judiciary accuses Daniela of attempted murder and various attempted and completed heavy robberies. However, the main focus in this is mostly on her activities after the dissolution of the RAF. Together with the two other RAF fighters Ernst-Volker Staub and Burkhard Garweg, she is said to have financed her underground life with robberies.The both others are now still on the run.

Even though the RAF has since disbanded, there is still the possibility that Daniela will be sentenced under section 129a, "membership of a terrorist organization", in addition to the robberies. Membership of the RAF is actually time-barred, but the pending question is whether the judiciary will define the robberies committed as RAF activities or not.

The state has been searching for the three RAF fighters with greater intensity since the beginning of February. Only recently, the TV series "Aktenzeichen XY... Unsolved" recently featured an episode in which the so-called "RAF Trio" was mentioned and an appeal was made to give informations about the them to the police. Absolutely in the old german tradition of denunciation.

Apparently this was a great success for the reaction, because according to the show's editors, they received 250 hints from viewers. Shortly afterwards, a large-scale police operation was also triggered in Wuppertal, where an uninvolved old man was arrested and threatened with assault rifles by special police units. Recently, the police had received a call from a caller who thought he recognized one of the wanted RAF fighters in the elderly passer-by. Ultimately, the decisive hint for Daniela's arrest was also given by an denuncer. However, some time before the aforementioned broadcast in November 2023. The police did not provide any further information about the hint or the denunciator.

Numerous attacks are currently being carried out by class justice in Germany. There are regular bans on demonstrations and attacks on protests, while larger population groups are increasingly demonized and denied their civil democratic rights. At the same time, there is increased repression against left-wing structures.

 House searches are taking place regularly and the rotten German state is increasingly trying to put anti-fascists in jail. In the midst of this situation, the reaction is also intensifying its search for those people who have fought an armed struggle against the FRG and have not been found by them.

Now, after the arrest, the German repressive authorities are enjoying their success in the hope of showing strength and intimidating rebellious forces. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced in a statement from the Ministry of the Interior: "This successful manhunt is the result of decades of tireless investigative work. The state of law has shown its perseverance and long breath. No one should feel safe in the underground." But even though Daniela has now been arrested, she still succeeded in escaping persecution by the repressive institutions for over thirty years, together with her fellow fighters.


Source for the Picture: Express.de