In proletarian areas in Bremen and Bremerhaven, posters of the International Communist League and dazibaos with quotes of Chairman Mao in German and Arab were sticked on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the birth of the Great Helmsman. We share images that have been sent to us.



Vorsitzender Mao 130 Bremerhaven 1

Vorsitzender Mao 130 Bremerhaven 2





Vorsitzender Mao 130 Bremen 2

- People of the world, unite and defeat the U.S. aggressors and all their running dogs! People of the world, be courageous, and dare to fight, defy difficulties and advance wave upon wave. Then the whole world will belong to the people. Monsters of all kinds shall be destroyed.


Vorsitzender Mao 130 Bremen 3

 - Every Communist must grasp the truth; "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."


Vorsitzender Mao 130 Bremen 1