On Wednesday, December 20, a large contingent of 170 officers raided alleged members of Zora, who according to investigations by state security are accused of distributing a flyer and uploading a post on Instagram referring to "progressive forces such as the PFLP".

The Interbüro and Karanfil -places of political and cultural encounters - were also searched and completely vandalized. In addition to five young people between the ages of 18 and 23, there was also a raid on a 67-year-old man who allegedly posted the PFLP symbol on Facebook. On the occasion of this, we have received the following action report:

"On the occasion of yesterday's attack on comrades from Zora in Berlin and the completely excessive repression against all those who show solidarity with the justified national resistance struggle of the people in Palestine, we would like to express our solidarity today. Currently, hardly any demonstration takes place without the most arbitrary restrictions, which the local cops come up with ad-hoc and then enforce with the baton; banners with slogans are confiscated and identity checks are carried out. Because of the slogan "The rebellion is justified!" on a banner, people were taken into custody in Bremen and charged with incitement to hatred. In Cologne, too, people were recently arbitrarily arrested at a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance because they called the genocide against the Palestinians by its name.

Today's attack is an attempt to intimidate and criminalize five young adults by breaking into their homes and political institutions at gunpoint and with 170 police officers and state security forces in tow. All because they allegedly showed solidarity with the completely justified struggle of the Palestinian people on Instagram and mentioned the PFLP, which is not banned in Germany. In addition, there is a smear and denunciation campaign in which the most outrageous lies are made up about the comrades from Zora, unpixelated pictures of alleged activists are printed in the tabloid press and television is allowed to be present live during the storming of some objects.

We condemn the attacks on Zora, the demonstrators in Bremen and all the other attacks and arrests - also here in NRW, as most recently at the demonstration in Cologne on December 16 - and express our solidarity with all those affected".