On November 2nd, the “Palestine Alliance Hamburg” organized an event on the current situation in Palestine. In particular, the current war crimes of the Israeli regime were denounced, but the repercussions of the latest wave of the Palestinian national liberation movement on the imperialist countries – especially Germany – were also highlighted. Just hours before the event, the German Interior Minister had banned and dissolved the Palestinian prisoner network Samidoun. This attack on the democratic right to freedom of organization and association by the German government was sharply criticized and condemned at the event. In the discussion, not only general political issues were discussed, but also concrete next steps to create publicity for the just cause of the Palestinians in the repressive atmosphere that prevails in Hamburg in particular (there is a general police order banning all “pro-Palestinian” gatherings).

Veranstaltung Palästinbündnis Hamburg Novmber 2023 1


The increased interest of the police in the event did not go unnoticed by the participants. Among other things, squad cars of the Hamburg police patrolled in front of the venue and in the surrounding area at high frequency. A form of police state methods that are once again being used in Hamburg these days to intimidate and suppress justified protest and freedom of expression.

 Picture Soure: Submissions by participants