In the FRG, one racist smear campaign follows the next. Until spring of this year, the debate was about the lack of assimilation of the rebelling masses after the New Year's Eve clashes. Only recently, even in the Bundestag, a debate was convened to discuss the uprising of the proletarian, often migrant youth in the French banlieues and to warn of future mass uprisings in Germany, which parts of the German bourgeoisie fear, especially by the migrant masses. Now it goes on with the alleged lack of security in German outdoor swimming pools.

After recent weeks of incidents of fights in open-air swimming pools in various German states have made it onto the front pages of news portals and newspapers, the first closure of an open-air swimming pool has occurred in Berlin-Neukölln. Meanwhile, in Germany, from the top levels of the bourgeois press houses to the Federal Association of German Swimming Pool Masters to CDU chief agitator Friedriech Merz, there is no doubt who is to blame: Migrants and foreigners. Thus Peter Harzheimer Federal President of the swimming masters announced "We have beautiful baths in Germany and the majority are places of peace and joy. But in some open-air pools, in areas where the migrant background has increased disproportionately, there have been more and more assaults for 10 years. That's when the temperatures and the testosterone level rises, and perhaps alcohol is drunk. Then it just takes a spark and it pops." and calls for more support from the police. Also SPD interior minister Nancy Faeser interferes again directly in the debate and demands also for her part more police and repression in the open-air swimming pools.

What more cops in the open-air swimming pools practically means, a 39-year-old visitor of an open-air swimming pool had to find out painfully in the North Rhine-Westphalian Hamm. On Sunday, July 9, the police were called after an argument between a man and a female employee of the open-air swimming pool. When the situation subsequently escalated on the arrival of the police, the 39-year-old man, who was uninvolved, is said to have disturbed the police operation, according to police reports. The police report does not answer the question why the man should have done that. The cops further say that the man was forcibly handcuffed by the police following the alleged disturbance and later had to be treated as an outpatient in a hospital due to injuries inflicted on him by the cops. As a justification for the brutal operation, the police report claims that the man defended himself with kicks and headbutts against the arrest and bit one of the cops in the finger, which then allegedly had to be treated in a hospital. Again, the police report does not explain why the attacked man is said to have resisted his arrest so intensely.

One day later, an article appeared in the Westfälischer Anzeiger, the largest daily newspaper in Hamm, which essentially printed the perspective of the police one-to-one, making fun of the victim of police violence and saying that the heat had probably gone to his head. Fortunately, a day later, a relative of the man attacked by the police came forward and gave a completely different account of the facts. According to her report, the cops had provoked the man in the open-air swimming pool with racist insults and then beaten him. Even when he was handcuffed and taken away to a police van, the cops are reported to have continued to beat him and even shot him with a Taser, one of the relatively recently introduced stun guns. The result of this brutal attack is several broken ribs, also noteworthy is that, contrary to the police report, the attacked man is so seriously injured that he is still in the hospital. The Hamm police reflexively rejects these accusations, as in so many other cases. That the cops, however, are under real pressure, is also shown by the fact that the Dortmund police are now investigating their colleagues.

This incident shows that the call for more police and repression will not solve the problems that exist in the open-air swimming pools, because these problems are not caused by migrants, but are rather the result of the degenerated and lumpen culture that imperialism propagates. In the end, more police only means more violence against workers and especially against migrants.