Bremen's parliamentary elections are just ahead, and just in time for them, the red-green-red federal government has now introduced a new draft law. This draft provides that, in the future, students entitled to vote will be able to cast their ballots in their respective schools one week before the official election day. To this end, a huge logistical and financial effort is to be made to move voting documents, booths, ballot boxes and, of course, government supervision into the schools in order to integrate the election into the students' everyday lives and to make the hurdle for students to cast their ballot as low as possible. Other eligible voters should also be allowed to take advantage of the early voting option.

The whole circus is, of course, intended to increase electoral participation overall and thus also to maintain the bogus legitimization of the rule of the bourgeoisie. In addition, the red-green-red government, especially the Greens and the Left Party, expect not only a higher voter turnout in general, but also more votes for their own party, since they expect a particularly large electoral success for their parties among the young voters.

Now, however, the State Court is hearing the new draft, because it is questionable whether this law is at all compatible with the constitution, since a "school ballot" would make it easier for a group of voters to vote and would thus actually violate the principle of the "generality of the vote," according to which all voters should have the same conditions for casting their ballot.

But whatever the court's final decision, what this draft clearly shows is the desperation with which the bourgeoisie tries to win voters by any means. For even in Bremen, the state with the highest poverty rate, electoral participation continues to fall, especially in working-class neighborhoods, because the masses have long understood that exploitation cannot be voted away.

This attempt by the state government to increase electoral participation, even against the constitution, is just another reaffirmation of the crisis of democracy.