We publish a report that was sent to us.

On April 1, a rally of the "Mietenwahnsinn-Bündnis" ("Rent Madness-Alliance") took place in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. The occasion was the Europe-wide "Housing Action Day" and the organizers of the rally called upon people to protest "against unaffordable rents and living costs, evictions, demolitions, vacancies, displacement". About 500 people took part in the protest, according to the organizers.

230401Berlin Demonstration Mietenwahnsinn
The initial manifestation took place at the Ernst Thälmann monument, and the protesters marched to Senefeldplatz. Speeches were given by various groups, in which they described their problems and struggles and denounced the policies of the Berlin government.
In the speech of the "Kieztreffen Pankow" they talked about the fact that the status of 2000 apartments in the district of Pankow as social housing is expiring, so that a large part of the current tenants can no longer afford the apartments. And as if that were not enough, the unaffordable apartments are also in poor condition, and no one feels responsible. This is also the case with the real estate company Heimstaden, which bought out the Akelius company. The tenants have even worse chances to contact the new landlord than the one before, and Heimstaden does not care about the mold in the interiors and, therefore, does not want to do much about it. Another case concerns the people who live in the apartments of the Adler Group at the crossroad Danziger Straße/ Prenzlauer Allee. Here, the residents of one building have not had any heating for a year. Other tenants report that they have to pay for the maintenance of their apartments on a pro rata basis.
In other speeches, speakers talk about how other real estate companies are buying up apartments, evicting the tenants, tearing down the houses and constructing luxury buildings. Thus a speaker of the "Hausgemeinschaf Kastanienallee 12" reported on the fight of the approx. 100 tenants against foreclosure. They were able to mark their success 2 weeks ago. As the demonstration marched through the streets, slogans such as "Don't believe the lies of the exploiters, the rebellion is justified!" and "Give the houses to those who need them" were shouted. The Berlin Senate was also denounced several times: "Housing policy in Berlin is never directed at those who rent, but at the owners," said one speaker. In the front rows people shouted "Voting out exploitation that will never work - boycott the elections of the bourgeoisie!".
The group " Deutsche Wohnen und Co. enteignen" (Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen and Co.) also spoke. They have campaigned last year for a referendum to nationalize large housing companies. The referendum achieved 59.1% yes votes. However, this was not enforced by the current Berlin government, as the mayor Giffey, who is still in power, had a "stomachache" about it. At the final manifestation, there was an explicit call for residents to exchange and establish contacts at the event in order to better organize themselves. The workers' newspaper "Rote Post" was also sold, which found great interest especially among young participants.
It was also drawn attention to the court case, which is about the case of a young woman who was attacked by fascists in this neighborhood.
Many people from the neighborhood participated and took to the streets loudly with self-painted banners, flags made of curtains and painted signs.

230401Berlin Demonstration Mietenwahnsinn 1

"Fight and resist! Against the wave of price increases and militarism!"