After interior minister of Baden-Württemberg, Thomas Strobl (CDU) called the last turn of the year a "completely normal New Year's Eve", he has changed his position completely and demands with his parliamentary group stronger repression and surveillance against the people. Among other things, the head of the parliamentary group Manuel Hagel even goes so far as to demand body cams for firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

The justification for this advance and attack on our rights is very flimsy. As an official justification, they take the New Year's Eve, where not that much happened, which Strobl himself said. Sascha Binder of the SPD accused Strobl: "Not a single case should be normal for us."  The FDP deputy Julia Goll spoke of 19 injured rescue workers.

The fact that someone drunk in Heidelberg shot rockets at minors and was sentenced in quick proceedings to 9 months in prison without parole is now taken as a showcase example of how to deal with people who get into fights with the police in the future, and this of course includes all rebellious masses and revolutionaries. They want there to be a public interest in law enforcement and maintain the state's monopoly on the use of force. This is the real reason: they fear of losing control, they want to create the means to efficiently apply repression on us.

The Greens reject the bodycams for now, because it would be used to film people in emergency situations and private spaces. The FDP and SPD think that rescue workers would not want cams. Justifiably so! By equipping them with cams, which can be used for law enforcement and invade the private living quarters, they become auxiliary police. Nothing has been voted on yet, but with this dramatization the discussion is led further in the direction of more repression and the ground is prepared for an actual attack on our rights.