On 21 January 2023, the Alliance against Imperialist Aggression, with the participation of different anti-imperialist organisations, held a manifestation near the Hamburg Central Station. The action was in the light of the week of action for the release of Ahmad Sa'adat, in the course of which numerous actions have already been carried out all over the world. The manifestation demanded the release of Ahmad Sa'adat as well as all political prisoners in Palestine, highlighted the great struggle of the Palestinian people against imperialism and occupation and spoke for the national liberation of Palestine.

The manifestation, which was held at the beginning of Hamburg's Steindamm - a street dominated by Turkish and Arab shops - always received approval and solidarity from the masses. Some crowds joined the manifestion as it progressed.

AhmadSaadat2023HHKundgebung 1

Speeches were made in Arabic, English and German demanding the release of Ahmad Sa'adat and calling for solidarity with the national liberation struggle in Palestine. Samidoun - Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network also sent a message of greeting to the manifestation in advance, which was read out. The resolution of the international meeting of anti-imperialist organisations on 20 August 2022, in which many organisations participated, has also been read out in excerpts. Among other anti-imperialist organisations from Europe and Latin America, the BgiA also signed the resolution. With this, the question of an international anti-imperialist front, which pushes and intensifies the struggle against imperialism and reaction worldwide, was also put in the centre of the action.

In addition, the BgiA read out a short message of greeting to the International Communist League - ICL, welcoming the foundation of the IKB and congratulating the parties and organisations that are part of the ICL for their achieved success. The greeting also quoted a short passage from the founding declaration of the ICL, emphasising the role of the national liberation movement in the world proletarian revolution.

The action was a good contribution to the week of action for the release of Ahmad Sa'adat. It is of extraordinary importance to raise the struggles of the oppressed peoples of the world also in the imperialist countries, to support them and to reject the lies and disinformation of the imperialists about these struggles. Actions like this are a great political and moral support for the struggling masses of the world and for all the revolutionaries who are locked in the stone coffins of reaction.