On the morning of December 14, numerous raids were carried out in the FRG against accused members of so-called clan families, including the Al-Zein. The main focus was on North Rhine-Westphalia, especially the Ruhr region. But the police are not actually concerned with taking real action against organized crime against the people.


Rather, it is all about putting themselves in the limelight and merely giving the appearance of fighting these lumpen gangs. In addition, there is the goal of making the so-called clans as the poster child for lumpen crime, in order to divide the people even further into foreigners and Germans, or into Turks, Lebanese, Moroccans, etc. Their "fight against organized crime gangs" is nothing more than a cheap farce. The best proof of this is that it's the police themselves who are most deserving to receive the label of "organized crime". For this, one simply has to take an exemplary look at what two duty group leaders of the Mülheim police station are currently being charged with by the public prosecutor's office. In 2019, the two officers covered up for one of their colleagues when he brutally beat an Albanian man who was already tied up during an operation. The police commissioner was a prominent member of the right-wing cop chat group "Alphateam" and got covered up by his two colleagues by their falsifying of the operation protocol and making joint agreements. To top it all off, they also reported their victim for "resisting law enforcement officers".

The whole case only came to light because a young policewoman reported the action as a witness and blew the whistle on her colleagues. The number of how many more similar cases there must be, in which all colleagues keep quiet, can only be imagined. There certainly won't be only a few.