On Friday, September 16, mainly residents from Essen Altendorf, but also from other districts of Essen, gathered at Ehrenzeller Platz in Altendorf to protest against the ongoing economic crisis.

GasumlageKundgebung 3

A rally took place where combative speeches were held in German and Romanian, exposing and denouncing the crisis of imperialism and the passing on of its costs to the people and especially the working class, with the clear perspective of a joint struggle against it. Additionally, flyers were distributed, the Red Post was sold and many good conversations were held among the protest participants. All participants expressed that they are very happy that something is happening now and people in Altendorf are finally also starting to protest against the terrible economic situation that the broad sections of the people have to suffer.

GasumlageKundgebung 2

Contacts were exchanged and plans were made to organize further actions and protests together. Following the slogan "A united working class will be invincible!", which was also written on the banner at the rally. The participants of the rally also made protest signs on which demands of various daily struggles related to the crisis were taken up. In particular, children from the neighborhood very eagerly participated in this.

GasumlageKundgebung 1