We hereby publish a call to a demonstration in Essen Altendorf against the gas levy coming into effect on October 1 and the price increase in general.


Demonstration against Gas Levy and Price Increase

Essen Altendorf, from Ehrenzeller Platz to the Finance Ministry

Friday, September 16 –  18:00


We are living in the midst of the biggest economic and political crisis the FRG has experienced since World War II. Everywhere, we workers and small self-employed people notice that everything is getting more expensive and the costs of this crisis are being psuhed down on to us. Inflation rose to 7.9% in August, a whopping 4% increase from the August of crisis year 2021. Many of us can afford to buy everyday necessities less or not at all. Food costs 12.7% more on average, and we also have to pay 35% to 40% more for electricity. With the coming gas levy, gas prices are only going to shoot up even more. To put it simply: We can no longer afford to live, prices are rising immeasurably, but our wages are not rising. We have to defend ourselves against this and take our anger to the streets.

The government secures the profits of the monopolies and deepens the crisis for the people

And what is the "traffic light" government doing, with gangster Scholz at its head? They make us believe that it is not their system that is to blame for all these price increases and inflation, but Putin and his war of aggression against Ukraine. In the same way, they used the so-called "Corona crisis" as a pretext to attack our rights again and again. The result was short-time work, poverty and the ruin of thousands of small businesses. But the blame for the whole crisis lies with their entire capitalist system, today in its imperialist final stage. It is imperialism that keeps waging war for the redivision of the world, markets and power on the backs of the peoples, jumping from crisis to crisis. This can also be seen in the "measures" this government decides to take. Instead of relieving us with a takeover of the exploding electricity costs, free local public transport or a price cap for food, 100 billion euros are pumped into the German armed forces and a gas levy worth billions of euros is being paid out at the expense of the people. 100 billion euros, so that German imperialism can keep up with the competition of the imperialists between the USA, Russia, China and the others. A gas levy that serves to ensure that the big energy monopolies can continue to make their billions in profits. At the same time, we are told that there is no money to continue the 9-Euro ticket or to relieve the overworked nursing staff. Political bigwigs like Christian Lindner drive around in expensive official cars and jet around the world and at the same time impudently accuse us of having a "freebie mentality" when it comes to the cheap use of local transport. They have absolutely nothing in common with the reality of our lives.


Only together can we fight against the crisis being pushed down on to us

We cannot continue to allow the crisis of their imperialist system to be pushed down on to us. For this, it is necessary to unite and resolutely resist it. It is up to us, together with our neighbors in the neighborhoods, our colleagues at work or our friends in the sports club, to fight against these attacks on our existence. The government's price increases and gas surcharges affect us all, so we are all fighting the same fight. Let's take to the streets together to reject the government's policies for the big corporations and monopolies and fight for our livelihoods!

Against the gas levy and price increases!

For free local public transport and electricity cost absorption!

A united working class will be invincible!