As is so often the case, the vacation season brings chaotic conditions at German airports. This time, the lack of personnel is the cause.

At many German airports it comes at the moment to long waiting periods and partly spontaneous cancellations of flights. The reason is that in all areas staff is missing. Above all for the airport security people are missing. Altogether 7200 workers are missing in the whole FRG. Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil proposes to compensate the shortage by recruiting foreign workers in the form of seasonal workers. Blame for the shortage of skilled workers is always Corona, as in the last two years. Due to the restrictions during the pandemic, air traffic dropped sharply, although the big companies like Lufthansa and other companies were fed with billions of credits and short-time allowances, the airline companies laid off people en masse to keep their profits high.

This is a well known method of German imperialism to save personnel costs, every year hundreds of thousands of workers are brought to the FRG for the hardest jobs. During the pandemic, extra exemptions were made for seasonal workers to protect the profits of the German bourgeoisie. The flown in workers usually have hardly any rights or can enforce these few rights due to lack of language and legal knowledge. They then have to live in small barracks under conditions that are unworthy of human beings, and they are often deprived of their already low wages. Heil promises that this time it would run completely differently and he demands that the industry-usual tariff wage is paid. How this is to be controlled is not explained however. Because before it becomes apparent that these regulations have been circumvented and action is taken against them, the sesaon workers are back in their countries of origin.