On Sunday, also in the working-class district of Berlin-Marzahn, the 19th of June, Day of Heroism, was held high in the context of a rally.

The speeches explained the history of the day and recalled the sacrifices made by comrades in the people's wars around the world - as militants, prisoners or fallen. It was expressed that they are the heroes of the peoples and not the ruling exploiters. Revolutionaries from Turkey and FRG also participated in the rally with speeches. Among other things, the imprisonment of Turkish revolutionaries in the FRG was strongly condemned.

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The cops were disturbed by the fact that the rally was audible even to playing children and their families. The sober question of a resident to the comrades, whether this was a topic for children, they took as a reason to displace the rally to another place in the Clara-Zetkin-Park. Nevertheless, some flyers were distributed to the families and also the question of the resident could be clarified to everyone's satisfaction. Because the children of the working class do not live a political vacuum, they suffer like their parents under the class society. And Marzahn is one of the districts within Berlin with the highest child poverty. They have every right to rebel!

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