On May 15, the so-called Nakba Day, on which every year the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians is remembered, a demonstration also took place in Freiburg. A contingent of revolutionaries also participated in the demonstration.

The activity began with a rally in the city center. Here, various speeches were given, including by several Palestinians and the Jewish Voice for Just Peace in the Middle East. The central themes of the speeches were above all the murder of the journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by Israeli soldiers, but also the strong repression and incitement, which is pushed in this country by the German state and the bourgeois media, was addressed. Especially moving was the speech of an Israeli man who expressed his solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people. At the end of his speech he told about his military service he had to do in the Israeli military and apologized for not refusing it.

Like last year, there was again a campaign against the rally and the organizers in advance. Thus, some pro-Zionist reactionaries took the demo as an occasion to hold a counter-rally next to it. In their sheer hatred against the resistance of the people, they accused the entire Palestinian liberation movement of being anti-Semitic, and they spoke of an "anti-Semitic demo" in reference to the Nakba Day protest.
Undeterred, a powerful demonstration took place again this year, clearly positioning itself against all forms of chauvinism.

When the demonstration started, loud slogans against the occupation were shouted in German and Arabic. Especially the slogan " Up international solidarity" was received by the participants with great enthusiasm. After the demonstration passed through the city center, it arrived back at the starting point, where some last speeches were held.
The last speech was held by the Internationalist Collective Freiburg, in which the bans on the protests in Berlin and the agitation of the bourgeois media in Freiburg were addressed. It was clearly stated that no repression will end the struggle of the oppressed for their freedom and called for support for the Palestinian liberation struggle, as well as the struggle for the New Democratic Revolution in Palestine.



Following the demonstration, leaflets against passing on the costs of the war to the working class were also distributed, which were received with joy by the participants.