On 07.05. hundreds of people gathered for a powerful demonstration against police violence.

After a 47-year-old man was murdered by police officers on 02.05., the demonstration started with a rally at the market square, not 50 meters away from the place where the man was brought to the ground and beaten to death by the cops. The police were apparently called by a doctor from the Central Institute of Mental Health and alerted to his patient, who was in need of help. The pigs then overpowered the man and bashed his head. What everyone can see in the videos bystanders made of the act required an autopsy report for police. "Traces of blunt force" had been found on the body. The cops and the bourgeois press outdo each other with absurdities. They say it has yet to be determined why exactly the man "collapsed" and "had to be reanimated". It is always the same story. The lackeys of the bourgeois state murder and immediately a campaign against the victim begins. The deceased has allegedly not obeyed the instructions of the police to stop. He had "collapsed for unknown reasons". Newspapers still write in convergence with the uniformed gang of murderers that it is "still unclear whether the 47-year-old died a violent or a natural death". The fact is: the cops beat a man lying on the ground until he finally died. Everyone can see that. Accordingly, the attendance and support for the demonstration was huge.

Speeches from various groups and organizations were read out at the kick-off rally. Among others, a colleague of the murdered man spoke.

Afterwards, hundreds marched through downtown Mannheim in an exceptionally militant and determined demonstration. According to independent journalists, about 1500 people took part, the police spoke of 900. Constantly, slogans were shouted such as "liars, murderers, police pigs!" or "FRG, police state, we're sick of you!" The expression of the demonstration was reinforced by the repeated burning of pyrotechnics. Attacks against the police station and the district court were also carried out from within the demonstration. Paint bags, bottles and fireworks were thrown by demonstration participants. In addition, with spray cans several times the inscriptions "ACAB" and " murderers" were applied. Also a branch of BB Bank and Credit Plus were decorated with paint and windows of the same were smashed.




How well the masses understand that the rebellion against this system is justified was repeatedly demonstrated during the demonstration. Bystanders often greeted the demonstration with great enthusiasm and cheered in face of the actions made out of the demonstration.

The demonstration ended with a final rally at the Marktplatz. It was also pointed out that in the future every Monday actions are planned on the spot until there is complete clarification and the murderer is named and convicted.

The cops were represented with a massive contingent in the side streets, but kept a very low profile and did not dare to attack the demonstration. Such an attack would certainly have led to a bloody nose and a crushing political defeat for them.