The Düsseldorf-based defence company expects the war in Ukraine to boost sales by 15 to 20 percentage points. In the first quarter, Rheinmetall achieved a plus of €3 million.

The reason for the additional revenue is, among other things, the arms deliveries to Ukraine. Rheinmetall is selling Leopard and Marder tanks to the Kiev regime. Further income is to be generated by additional orders from the German armed forces. In order to get a large share of the 100 billion special assets, Rheinmetall has put together a 42 billion package of armaments. Rheinmetall is one of the most important suppliers of the Bundeswehr and delivers for example tanks, ammunition and artillery to the Bundeswehr and thus profits from the occupation of oppressed nations and the wars of German imperialism.

The blood of the oppressed peoples sticks to the money flowing into the coffers of Rheinmetall. What is advertised as weapon systems for national defense is also used for the suppression of popular uprisings. Again and again, tanks and artillery from Rheinmetall are used to put down the struggle of oppressed peoples. Among other things, the Turkish state is equipped with Leopard 2 tanks, which are used to suppress the fighting peoples in Turkey and neighboring countries.