On May 15, there are state elections in NRW. Since the beginning of the month, all bourgeois parties have been able to hang and distribute their election propaganda in the neighborhoods. However, the posters, which are mostly empty of content, are hardly well received in the neighborhoods. After few hours already the first posters were again removed.

Zerstörung von Wahlpropaganda

In a newspaper article in a local Essen newspaper, all parties complain about the "growing destructiveness" of the masses. All major parties see themselves as the main victims and claim that they are the most affected by these actions, which all agree is the question of "endangering democracy" and that the "vandals" should be prosecuted. In desperation, the parties resort to repressive measures and want to punish the rejection of the elections with denunciations.

What is clear is that the rejection of the elections is growing and more and more realize that elections in this system are only a farce. The parties are moving further and further away from the masses, which is expressed, among other things, by denouncing all those who dare to paint a poster or leave, instead of engaging in the much-vaunted discourse with the people. What the bourgeoisie wants in the elections is to create legitimacy for its rule, for this reason people who reject these elections are declared criminals to be persecuted.