In the last few days, there was a street agitation against the imperialist war in Ukraine in the workers' neighbourhood of Billstedt.

Signs against the war were held up, the statement of the Red Women's Committee was distributed and a banner was hung up. The action was very welcomed and the statement was gladly received. There was particular encouragement when the slogan "Hail to international solidarity" was intoned. It was clear that people continue to see Yankee imperialism as the main enemy of the peoples of the world and have had enough of the lies and hypocrisy of the rulers of the FRG, who alone want to demonise Putin and are themselves the warmongers. We document pictures of the action which were sent to us.

 HH Billstedt Ukraine 0422 2

HH Billstedt Ukraine 0422 3

HH Billstedt Ukraine 0422 4