On Friday, March 18, a contingent of revolutionaries and progressive masses gathered in front of Freiburg Prison to hold a rally there on the occasion of the anniversary of the Paris Commune and Political Prisoners Day.

Banners and signs demanded freedom for all political prisoners and revolutionary prisoners of war. Again and again the slogans "Freedom for all political prisoners!", "Up the international solidarity!" and on the occasion of the anniversary of the Paris Commune also the slogan "From Paris to Petrograd, from Beijing to Lima - Karl Marx lives in our struggle, the flag flies again!" resounded.


A speech by the Internationalist Collective Freiburg emphasized the importance of the Paris Commune, especially in light of the current warmongering. The Paris Commune, with which the proletariat fought for its own class interest for the first time, was established by revolutionary violence and smashed by reactionary violence. In light of this fact, the speech emphasized the importance of guns to the revolution and that all talk of peaceful change only serves the exploiters.

In addition, the speech expressed full solidarity with political prisoners like Jo, Dy and Lina and called to continue their struggle. Special emphasis was placed on the prisoner Thomas Meyer-Falk, who is currently incarcerated in Freiburg prison, even though his sentence has been served for a long time. The reason for his imprisonment is a bank robbery to raise money for the revolutionary movement.


In order to continue to keep him behind bars, the FRG uses a Nazi paragraph that is still in effect today and allows to imprison prisoners indefinitely. The only basis for this is the suspicion that the prisoner could commit another crime. Thomas was repeatedly offered his freedom, provided he would distance himself from his deed. A possibility he has always rejected. This total refusal to surrender and his unbroken conviction are an example for all revolutionaries and deserve our highest praise and solidarity.

The Internationalist Collective also saluted all revolutionary prisoners of war and the people's wars in India, Turkey, the Philippines and Peru. They especially highlighted the role of Chairman Gonzalo, who was cowardly murdered by reaction last year - after 30 years of imprisonment, torture and isolation. They could murder his body, but not Gonzalo - Thought, said the speaker.

In other speeches, the increasing reactionarization and criminalization of the revolutionary movement was denounced, for example, through paragraphs 129 a/b, and the repression of the revolutionary movement in Turkey and Kurdistan was pointed out. At the end of the rally, the statement of the Red Women‘s Committee Hamburg on the occasion of the war in Ukraine was read out.

After the end of the rally, a part of the contingent gathered for a spontaneous demonstration, which was self-determinedly dissolved a few streets away. Once again, slogans echoed off the walls of the prison, this time followed by slogans such as "The FRG is not our state - All power to the proletariat!" or "Class against class, war against war! Fight capital until peace prevails!"